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Cranes in the GTA (first 3 posts regularly updated)


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Apr 23, 2007
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by the Humber

1 Crane: Grandview Children's Treatment Centre • Subtotal 1

2 Cranes: • Vision at Pat Bayly Square Tower CSubtotal 2

Ajax Total 3


1 Crane: Amica Aurora • Subtotal 1

2 Cranes: Park TowerSubtotal 2

Aurora Total 3


1 Crane: 2009 Steeles Av WStella at SouthsideSubtotal 2

2 Cranes: Citypointe HeightsDuo CondosSubtotal 4

3 Cranes: Daniels MPV 2 (Block A) • Subtotal 3

Brampton Total 9


1 Crane: NautiqueBeauSoleilSubtotal 2

Burlington Total 2


1 Crane: 1029 West 5th Street354 King Street West213 King Street West860 Queenston RoadAugusta Block Buildings 2 & 3CenturionDesign District 41LJM TowerMcMaster University: McLean Centre For Collaborative DiscoveryMuse CondosPeak CondosRadio Arts • Subtotal 12

2 Cranes: 500 Upper Wellington Street75 James CondosRoxborough ParkSOHO at Central Park • Subtotal 8

Hamilton Total 20


2 Cranes:
King Terraces • Subtotal 2

King Total 2


1 Crane: EverhomeThe MarkdaleMon Sheong Court ButtonvilleSubtotal 3

2 Cranes: Gallery TowersJoy StationRoyal BayviewSubtotal 6

Markham Total 9


1 Crane:
The Millhouse Condominiums • Subtotal 1

2 Cranes:
ConnecttMile & Creek Soleil CondosSubtotal 6

Milton Total 7

Subtotal 55

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1 Crane: 185 EnfieldAlbaBrightwater I, IIEdge TowersHyatt Toronto Airport Corporate CtrKeystone CondosM City: M3M City: M4Mason at BrightwaterOro at Edge Towers Renforth StnStonebrook CondosSubtotal 12

2 Cranes: Eleven 11 ClarksonArte ResidencesCanopy TowersPinnacle Uptown: Gemma CondosSq One District Ph 1Subtotal 10

3 Cranes: Exchange District Condos
Kith and KindredParkside Village Avia 1 and 2VoyaSubtotal 12

Mississauga Total 34


1 Crane: Kingsley SquareUrban Towns at Glenway • Subtotal 2

2 Cranes: The Davis at BakerfieldSubtotal 2

Newmarket Total 4


1 Crane: 2477 Old Bronte RoadBerkshire ResidencesThe BronteDistrikt Trailside 2.0Post CondosSubtotal 5

2 Cranes: Amica North OakvilleThe BranchClockworkGreenwich CondosThe Saw WhetThe WilmotSubtotal 12

Oakville Total 17


1 Crane: 1319 Airport Boulevard • Subtotal 1

3 Cranes: UC Towers 2 & 3Subtotal 3

Oshawa Total 4


1 Crane: Universal City UC1, UC2 & UC3Universal City: UC6 & UC7Subtotal 2

Pickering Total 2


1 Crane: PIcasso PlaceTerra Hill Med CtrSubtotal 2

2 Cranes: 8888 Yonge CondosThe Hill on Bayview • Subtotal 4

Richmond Hill Total 6

Subtotal 67

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1 Crane: 2 Queen West8 Elm8 Haus8 Wellesley10 Prince Arthur11YV45 Strachan50 Scollard55 Charles Condos71 Redpath75 Broadway89 Avenue Yorkville90 Eastdale100 Broadway199 Church252 Church260 High Park321 Davenport346 Davenport3450 Dufferin400 King West543 Richmond Street West620 Avenue Road666 SpadinaSix991141 Bloor West1151 Queen EastThe Twelve Hundred1414 Bayview1886 Eglinton West2000 Bathurst2200 IslingtonAdagioAliasANXArtistry CondosAshbridges Bay Treatment PlantAuberge on the ParkBauhaus CondosThe BelvoirBiblio LoftsBijou on BloorBranksome Hall: Innovation Centre & Studio TheatreBread CompanyBurke CondosThe CapitolThe Charles at ChurchCurio CondosThe DavisvilleThe DylanEast Pointe CondominiumsElle CondosEQ Bank TowerFinch West StnGeorge Brown College: Limberlost PlaceHouse of AssemblyJAC CondosThe James at Scrivener SquareKazmir CondosLineaMaison 77 ClarendonThe ManderleyMetro Park CondosMonza CondosNahid on BroadviewNo. 31 CondosThe OneOne DelisleOuvoPacific ResidencesPark Lane CircleParkside SquareParliament &CoPearl PlaceThe PembertonPinnacle One YongePlaza MidtownPlaza on YongeThe Poet CondosQuay HouseThe QuintonReina CondosThe RhodesRichgrove VillageROQ CityRunnymede HealthcareThe SaintSanofi PasteurSavile on the RoeSpadina Sussex ResidenceUnion Station South ConcourseU of T: Academic Wood TowerUTSC: Instructional CentreWestmount Boutique ResidencesThe WhitfieldY&S CondosSubtotal 96

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TORONTO continued

2 Cranes: 64-86 Bathurst65 Broadway88 Queen East150 Laird181 East240 Markland386 Symington980 Lansdowne3050 PharmacyAqualunaBayview at the VillageConcord Canada HouseConcord SkyCrosstown: GenerationsThe DupontEdenbridge on the KingswayGalleria IIIGlenhill CondosThe Goode CondosHighland CommonsKING TorontoLawrence HillLeaside CommonLine 5The MarlowMirvish VillageMRKTThe Narrative CondosPortland CommonsThe Quay Tower ThreeQueen CentralRegent Park: Daniels on ParliamentSheppard GardenSickKids Patient Support CentreThe Stack at BayviewUntitled TorontoUofT: Trinity College ResWater's Edge at the CoveWesterly CondosXO2Subtotal 80

3 Cranes: Artists AlleyCIBC SQUARE Phase 2Kings LandingOne CrosstownPinnacle Toronto EastVerge CondominiumsWest Don Lands Blocks 3,4,7West Don Lands Block 10Subtotal 24

4 Cranes: Notting Hill CondosQueen & AshbridgeVerge CondominiumsSubtotal 12

Total 215


1 Crane: CG TowerMobilioRosepark TownhomesSXSW Condos Subtotal 4

2 Cranes: 8188 YongeCharisma CondominiumsPromenade Mall RevitalizationVincent Condominiums Subtotal 8

3 Cranes:
Abeja District • Subtotal 3

4 Cranes: Festival • Subtotal 4

Vaughan Total 19


1 Crane: Harbour Ten10Subtotal 1

2 Cranes: Wellings of WhitbySubtotal 2

3 Cranes:
The Landing • Subtotal 3

Whitby Total 6

Grand Total 356

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What's currently shown in the first four posts is the result of going back through the Buildings forum, and watching all threads for updates (since January 1, 2021 — that's over 1,100 threads)! That's not a totally exhaustive search, but it's fairly thorough, enough to be fairly confident of where the cranes are in the 416 and some 905 municipalities — maybe a couple have been missed, and maybe a couple have been removed since they were last photographed. There are no doubt more missing in the 905 as we typically get less frequent photo updates. (Some 905 members are impressively diligent though!)

Cool thread! I’m live in Kitchener-Waterloo and I can count over 27 cranes here. Business is booming! Junior Mississauga incoming
Thanks @Pinski! We have a few KW project threads, so I am sure we are missing several, while the ones we do have are quite intermittently updated. If you're able to get any construction shots, (or the projects may even be complete!), we'd love to have existing threads updated, and as soon as you hit 20 posts, the software will allow you to create new threads yourself. Cheers!

I found those quickly via our map. There are probably more than those three, but those are all that we have database files for.

Burlington also has Gallery condos with a crane:

I suspect Oakville has quite a few more than shown as well along Dundas Street, there is a whole slew of midrise buildings going up along there right now. We would need someone to go drive down Dundas St and take a look to know for sure though, it's been a few months since I've been by.
Thanks @innsertnamehere! Burlington is one of those places I'm certain I'm missing a few cranes at least as most of those threads have not been updated since the beginning of the year. Let me know of anymore… and photo updates always welcomed in the threads!

Change log:

21.04.22 • Forest Hill Station removed from 1 crane in Toronto • Grand Total: 276
21.04.22 • Daniels First Home Keelesdale promoted from 2 cranes to 3 in Toronto • Grand Total: 277
21.04.22 • Sugar Wharf Phase 1 demoted from 3 cranes to 2 in Toronto • Grant Total 276
21.04.23: added Gallery Condos to 1 crane in Burlington • Grand Total: 277
21.04.23: removed Emerald City from 3 cranes in Toronto • Grand Total: 274
21.04.23: removed Diamond Condominiums from one crane in Toronto • Grand Total: 273
21.04.23: promoted Scala from 2 to 3 cranes in Toronto • Grand Total: 274

Don't bother with photos in this thread: keep them to their dedicated Buildings Forum threads!

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Vendome actually has 4 cranes up, instead of 2.
There is a crane up at the Union Villa Long-Term Care home at 4300 Highway 7
There is to be 2 cranes at York University Markham Campus, but both are not up yet
One crane up for Canvas on the Rouge.
Great idea for a list, always wondered how many cranes were in the GTA skyline.

Era and Era2 Condos have 2 cranes each (4 total).
The crane on YongeParc 2 has been dismantled.


The Davis - 2 cranes.

I'll keep an eye open for anything new if I'm in the area. I'll check Aurora as well, as there was a project along Yonge that had two cranes last year. I'm not sure what the current status is however..
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You're missing two cranes for these condos in Richmond Hill:
@shawnzachariah: Next Condos is already in the list. Appreciate your efforts though!

Change log: removed Park Avenue Place in Vaughan, added 2 each for 80 Bond East and UC Tower in Oshawa, added 2 for York University Markham, added Parkland Ajax, added 2 for All Seniors Care in Oakville, added Winlock Towns in Toronto, moved West Park Healthcare from 2 to 3.

Grand Total: 299!! (Ohhhh so close to 300, and I know we are still missing some!!!)

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There were no Durham threads updated since Jan 1, 2021 that had any projects with cranes. I'll add as those threads are either updated or cranes are raised!

1 crane - 513 Dundas Street East Whtiby. It is a 6 story apartment building with underground parking. 73 one bedroom units...
1 crane- Amica Pickering
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