Now over a third of the way through our annual Growth To Watch For series, this instalment picks up from where we ended our previous Downsview and York University trek, and continues eastward into North York where we explore two major transit corridors that are currently seeing a remarkable amount of development activity. Heading south on Yonge, we cover the booming North York City Centre area before turning east and exploring the rapid densification along Sheppard Avenue East all the way to Highway 404. Below we have compiled all developments nearing completion or currently under construction; all proposals currently working their way through the planning process; and all planning initiatives and pending development applications that might impact this rapidly transforming area of the city.

The North York Centre and Willowdale Boundary, image courtesy of Apple Maps

Beginning where we left off last time at Steeles and Bathurst, we head east on Steeles then turn south on Yonge Street, arriving at a major development proposal for 5959 Yonge Street Condos, situated at the northeast corner of Yonge and Cummer Avenue. First proposed in 2014, the Ghods Builders Inc development consists of four residential mixed-use buildings, at heights of 43, 31, 29, and 25 storeys which comprise a total of 1,542 residential units and are designed by Kirkor Architects. In addition to the four towers, a conceptual master plan submitted with the rezoning application reveals future plans for an additional three towers of 13, 18, and 29 storeys along with some townhouse blocks, bringing the total residential unit count of the entire development to 2,108. The existing 15-storey apartment tower would remain on site. The project is currently undergoing mediation at the OMB, with the City opposed to this amount of density at this location. Phase One of the project, which involves the 31 and 43-storey towers, has been in sales over the past couple years despite not yet receiving the necessary rezoning approvals, while Phase Two, involving the 25 and 29-storey towers, would follow pending results of the OMB mediation. Being cautiously optimistic, a resolution is expected this year.

Rendering of 5959 Yonge Street Condos, image courtesy of Ghodes Builders Inc.

On the southeast corner of Yonge and Cummer, another massive redevelopment is planned for Newtonbrook Plaza, where Aoyuan Property Holdings is proposing to replace the existing mall with a mixed-use residential complex of significantly higher density. Initially proposed by Silvercore Properties in late 2011, the project is designed by Wallman Architects and consists of residential towers ranging in height up to 44 storeys, while lower mid-rise buildings would be built adjacent to the existing neighbourhoods east of the plaza. The development was appealed to the OMB in 2015, and a settlement was apparently reached in 2016, but details of the final proposal have yet to be revealed. The initial proposal, consisting of five towers rather than four, is shown below. Silvercore sold the property to Aoyuan in 2017, and it is believed that Aoyuan plans to develop the site as previously agreed upon in the OMB settlement. Demolition has reportedly begun on the site, and a marketing announcement is expected shortly.

Rendering of Newtonbrook Plaza, image courtesy of Silvercore Properties

Across the street from Newtonbrook Plaza, the City is playing Tetris with a pair of developers on two adjacent sites on the west side of Yonge Street. First, Conservatory Group is proposing a pair of residential towers at the east end of the dead-end Inez Court. Designed by Richmond Architects, the towers are dubbed Ruby Condominiums and would rise 11 and 32 storeys atop a shared 2-to-5-storey podium. This site does not front onto Yonge Street, but rather fronts onto a proposed northward extension of Beecroft Road from Finch to Drewry Avenue. The City has acknowledged that this extension is necessary to support further development in the immediate vicinity, but its implementation depends on the City acquiring a few key properties, particularly those held by the Conservatory Group on Inez Court. In short, the Beecroft extension is hypothetically dependent on this development getting built. Ruby Condominiums was approved at the OMB in 2014, and Conservatory Group is currently collecting registration for sales, so a lot is depending on the outcome of this planning saga.

Site plan of Ruby Condominiums, image courtesy of Conservatory Group.

The second development contingent on the results of the Ruby Condominiums/Beecroft Road extension is located immediately adjacent to that property, fronting onto Yonge street to the east at 5840 YongePlaza is looking to replace the existing one-storey commercial buildings on the site with a 32-storey condo tower designed by Quadrangle and comprised of 374 residential units. The proposal also calls for a new 2-storey car dealership fronting onto Yonge, with the tower located to the west edge of the site, while new parkland would be situated at the southeast corner of the property. The project is currently being worked out at the OMB, with a hearing held last month. No results of the hearing have been posted yet.

Model of 3840 Yonge, image courtesy of Plaza.

Continuing south, we enter into the North York Centre district, where the Reimagining Yonge Street study is causing quite the stir. Spurred by the need for repairs, the City is proposing a makeover of Yonge Street by reducing the road from six to four lanes between Bishop Avenue in the north and Sheppard Avenue in the south, while removing on-street parking, implementing bike lanes, installing a landscaped median, and widening the sidewalk on both sides, which would provide patio space for the various businesses. The community has been, for the most part, supportive of the initiative, but the proposal has been met with significant political resistance. The final report recommending the changes is slated for a showdown at City Council in the coming months, so stay tuned for news of the high-profile makeover.

Rendering of Yonge Street opposite Mel Lastman Square, image courtesy of the City of Toronto.

Continuing south and taking a brief detour west on Finch Avenue, we come to 57-63 Finch West, where Crown Communities is proposing to build a 4-storey condo building along the major arterial. Designed by SRN Architects, the building would add 42 residential units and is being marketed under the name of Nova Urban Towns. The project underwent a redesign from a previous iteration, and was approved at the OMB for rezoning last year. Look for progress to continue on this proposal in 2018.

Rendering of Nova Urban Towns, image courtesy of Crown Communities.

Turning back eastward along Finch and crossing to the east side of Yonge, we come to Ava Luxury Residence, on the northeast corner of Kenneth Avenue. Designed by A & Architects Inc., the building would rise 10 storeys and would contain 56 condo units with retail integrated at grade level. The project is currently working its way through the planning process.

Rendering of Ava Condos, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

Turning south onto Doris Avenue, Fieldgate Homes is currently constructing a townhouse development on the north side of Holmes Avenue dubbed Kenneth & Holmes. Designed by Kirkor Architects, the townhouses will rise 3 storeys and will have a total of 29 units. Construction is well underway, with a targeted completion date in 2018.

Rendering of Kenneth & Holmes, image courtesy of Fieldgate Homes

On the south side of Holmes Avenue at Doris, a rezoning application was submitted just last month for an 18-storey condo tower on a vacant lot at 35 Holmes. Designed by Icon Architects, the building would add 154 new residential units just east of the busy Yonge corridor. Having just begun its journey through City Planning, expect some design tweaks over the coming year.

Rendering of 35 Holmes Avenue, image courtesy of Icon Architects.

Heading west on Holmes Avenue back to Yonge and turning south, Fieldgate Homes submitted a rezoning application last month for a 32-storey mixed-use condo tower at 5400 Yonge Street on the southwest corner of Horsham Avenue. Featuring an edgy design from Kirkor Architects, the tower sits atop a 4-storey podium containing replacement office space and grade-level retail, while the remainder of the building would house 324 new condo units. Having just been submitted for City review, expect some design changes over the coming year.

Rendering of 5400 Yonge, image courtesy of Fieldgate Homes.

One block south and just to the west of Yonge on Churchill Avenue, The Diamond Condominiums on Yonge are soon to get underway on the corner of Canterbury Place and Churchill. Recently given the go-ahead at the OMB, the Diamante Development project is designed by Scott Shields Architects and will rise 30 storeys, adding 385 new residential units to the busy neighbourhood. Having entered sales and marketing last year and now having cleared the final planning hurdle, expect construction activity to begin on site later this year.

Rendering of Diamond Condominiums on Yonge, image courtesy of Diamante Developments 

A little further south on Yonge Street, Diamante Development has once again enlisted Scott Shields Architects for a proposal at 5300 Yonge, where Diamante is looking to construct a 33-storey condo tower on the site of an existing retail plaza. The building would contain 328 new residential units with grade-level retail fronting onto Yonge. The project was just submitted to the City last year, so stay tuned for updates as it works its way through the planning process.

Rendering of the east elevation of 5300 Yonge, image courtesy of Diamante Development.

Further south on Yonge, Ellie Condos is slated to replace a surface parking lot and low-rise commercial buildings at 5220 Yonge Street. The design by Kirkor Architects was created for G Group Development, but the project now appears on Lalu Canada's website. The project would see a 31-storey 309-unit condo tower constructed on the north end of the site and a 10-storey office building occupying the south end of the site, both atop a shared 3-storey podium with retail included at ground level. The project is currently moving through the planning process, with rezoning approved and Site Plan Approval still in the works.

Rendering of Ellie Condos, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

Immediately to the south of Ellie Condos, Beacon Condos is currently under construction and is topping off shortly, with cladding installation currently midway up the tower. Developed by the Sorbara Group, the 35-storey mixed-use condo is designed by Wallman Architects with Rafael + Bigauskas as Architect of Record, and once complete, will add 375 new condo units to the area along with retail integrated at grade. Look for significant progress to be made on the tower as construction continues over the course of the year.

View of Beacon Condos under construction, image by Forum contributor sunnyraytoronto.

Continuing south, the Conservatory Group is proposing Pearl Place Condos to replace a surface parking lot on the northeast corner of Yonge and Spring Garden Avenue. Designed by Zeidler Partnership Architects, the building received OMB approval in 2016 for a 34-storey condo tower comprised of 478 residential units, office space on the second and third floors of the 4-storey podium, and retail at grade level. The project was relaunched for sales and marketing late last year, so if all goes well, construction should start late 2018 or early 2019.

Rendering of Pearl Place Condos, image courtesy of Conservatory Group.

Continuing south, we come to the busy intersection of Yonge and Sheppard, where the Yonge Sheppard Centre is currently under renovation and expansion on the northeast corner. Led by RioCan and KingSett Capital, the project is designed by Quadrangle and will significantly increase the available retail space, extending the mall out to the street while providing much-needed streetscape improvements. Currently, construction on the mall expansion is well underway, with exterior cladding now being installed. Construction has also begun on a new 35-storey 359-unit rental tower at the north end of the site. Look for work to progress significantly over the course of the year.

View of Yonge-Sheppard Centre under construction, image by Forum contributor sunnyraytoronto.

On the southwest corner of Yonge and Sheppard, Menkes Developments is proposing to redevelop the surface parking lot at 4800 Yonge with a curving 49-storey condo tower. Designed by Arquitectonica with Turner Fleischer as Architect of Record, the tower would contain 549 residential units with office space and ground-level retail in the 5-storey podium. The development would also include a new TTC entrance to Yonge-Sheppard subway station. The rezoning application for 4800 Yonge is currently appealed at the OMB, with a hearing scheduled for November 2018.

Updated rendering of 4800 Yonge, image courtesy of Menkes Developments

Taking a short detour west on Sheppard, we arrive at 53-63 Sheppard Avenue West, where a mid-rise development was recently approved for rezoning at the OMB. First proposed back in 2015, the Pellow & Associates-designed development consists of a 14-storey 182-unit condo building with ground floor commercial space, while 4-storey townhouses will be situated along Bogert Ave. The project survived its OMB hearing last year, but there has been no activity since, so perhaps a Site Plan Approval application will surface in the coming year.

Rendering of 53-63 Sheppard Ave W, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

Turning back east along Sheppard and crossing Yonge, we come to 101-103 Sheppard East, where a proposal for a 3-storey office building is nearing the end of the planning process. Designed by Kave Architects, the Site Plan Approval application has been recommended for approval by City Staff in the final report and will go before City Council in March, so if all goes well, look for shovels to dig into the ground in the near future.

Rendering of 101 Sheppard East, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

Just to the east on the northeast corner of Sheppard and Kenneth Avenue, the Metrontario Group is looking to redevelop the property at 120 Sheppard East that currently contains three 4-storey rental apartment buildings. Phase One of the project has been submitted to the City for Site Plan Approval and would replace the northernmost building with a pair of 4-storey IBI Group-designed rental apartment buildings containing a combined total of 74 residential units. Future phases would replace the two southernmost buildings with what Metrontario Group describes as "345,000 square feet of condominium units, rental apartments, and retail space", which includes the current Phase One proposal. It remains to be seen what these future phases might look like.

Rendering of 120 Sheppard East, image courtesy of Metrontario Group.

Just next door, Marpake Holdings is looking to build a 6-storey mixed use building at 180 Sheppard Avenue East, replacing an existing one-storey commercial building currently on the site. Initially proposed in 2013 featuring a design from Teeple Architects, the development was completely redesigned last year, with a new proposal being resubmitted to the City from HOK. The 6-storey building will contain retail on the ground level, commercial space on the second and third floors, and 7 condo units on the fourth through sixth floors. Check back for updates as this project works its way through the planning process.

Rendering of 180 Sheppard Avenue East, image courtesy of Marpake Holdings.

Further down the street, an application was submitted to the City last year for a redevelopment proposal at 145 Sheppard Avenue East, currently the site of a 3-storey office building. Zentil Property Management is looking to replace the structure with a new 11-storey condo building designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects. The new building would add 55 new condo units to the neighbourhood along with ground-level retail.

Rendering of 145 Sheppard Avenue East, image courtesy of Zentil Property Management.

Just next door, a proposal for 181 Sheppard Avenue East by Stafford Homes is currently working its way through the planning process. The development would replace the current retail structures and parking lot with a 10-storey mid-rise condo building designed by the IBI Group, and would add 230 new condo units and grade-level retail to the neighbourhood. The project was appealed to the OMB last year, and had a hearing scheduled for March 2018; however, the hearing has since been adjourned with no reasons given, so it is unknown what the current status of this development might be.

Rendering of 181 Sheppard East, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

Continuing east on Sheppard, we arrive at the busy intersection of Bayview Avenue, where we take a quick detour north on Bayview (don't worry, we'll be back to Sheppard shortly) and come to TeaGarden Condos at the corner of Bayview and Teagarden Court. Led by Phantom Developments and designed by Kirkor Architects, the 12-storey building will add 111 new condo units to the quickly densifying area. The project was well into the sales and marketing phase last year when it was appealed to the OMB, inevitably delaying its start of construction. The City and the developer have now agreed on a settlement, and the OMB is allowing the necessary zoning once a few loose ends are tied up. Watch for construction to begin later this year.

Rendering of TeaGarden Condos, image courtesy of Phantom Developments

Heading further north on Bayview, a townhouse development is proposed at 3057 Bayview Avenue, which would see four blocks of 3-storey townhouses replacing a series of single detached dwellings. Designed by Richard Wengle Architect, the development will add a total of 21 townhouse units to the area. Originally submitted in 2015, rezoning and Site Plan Approval applications were resubmitted just last month, so the project is still working its way through the planning process.

Rendering of 3057 Bayview Ave, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

Continuing north on Bayview to the hydro corridor, construction is underway at the site of The Bennett on Bayview. Developed in partnership by First Avenue Properties and Latch Developments, the project will add a 12-storey condo building to the area featuring architecture by RAW Design. The building will add 167 new residential units, including 7 at-grade townhouse units, to the neighbourhood along with grade-level retail. The crane has now been erected on site and work is progressing on the below-grade levels, so look for this building to rise out of the ground over the coming year.

Rendering of The Bennett on Bayview, image courtesy of Latch Developments

We now turn around and head back south to the intersection of Bayview and Sheppard, where QuadReal submitted a rezoning application last year for a major redevelopment of the Bayview Village Shopping Centre. The proposal would see two towers of 28 and 33 storeys constructed in the southwest corner of the site, while two 6-storey mid-rises and a 19-storey tower on a 6-storey podium would be constructed in the northeast corner of the site, replacing much of the surface parking around the mall. Designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects with DIALOG, the plan also includes an outdoor retail promenade to the north and a new TTC entrance to the adjacent Bayview subway station to the south. The development is currently working its way through the planning process, so check back for updates over the course of the year.

Rendering of the Bayview Village Redevelopment, image courtesy of QuadReal.

Across the street on the south side of Sheppard, Lotus Condos is is under construction and has recently topped off, with the exterior cladding now installed on the lower levels. Developed by Chestnut Hill and Fortress Real Developments, the 12-storey building is designed by Kirkor Architects and will add 244 new residential units to the area, along with grade-level retail. Look for substantial completion of the building before the end of the year.

View of Lotus Condos, image by Craig White.

Just to the east of Lotus Condos, construction is now underway at The Village Residences, with pouring of the concrete structure now poking above grade. Headed by Liberty Developments and designed by Wayne Long Architect, the 9-storey building will contain 186 new condo units, with grade-level retail and commercial space on the second floor. Work has been completed for a new building onsite for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Canada, on whose former property this development is being built. Look for the condo building to top off before the end of the year.

View of the Village Residences under construction, image by Craig White.

One block east, construction on Vida Condos is well underway, as the 8-storey condo building has now completely erased the tiny street of Cusack Court and its eight single-detached homes from the map. Led by Castle Group Developments and designed by HCA Architecture, the building will add 163 new residential units to the quickly densifying area once complete. Pouring of the concrete structure is now reaching the third floor above grade, so look for this building to rise further out of the ground over the coming months.

Rendering of Vida Condos, image courtesy of Castle Group Developments

Immediately to the east of Vida Condos, Haven Developments is proposing to construct SIX25BV Condominiums, an 8-storey mid-rise building on the southwest corner of Sheppard and Greenbriar Road. Designed by Teeple Architects, the building would add 146 condo units to the area along with grade-level retail. Demolition is complete, however, the project has been appealed to the OMB, and revisions have been made to the initial design since the application was submitted to the City. As well, Haven as acquired more land to the south, where they are proposing a 3-storey townhouse development along with a new park. The OMB hearing is scheduled for later this month, so check back for updates as this project navigates the final stages of the planning process.

Rendering of SIX25BV Condos, image courtesy of Haven Developments.

Continuing east on Sheppard, we come to Concord Adex's second major neighbourhood in Toronto with Concord Park Place, a massive development situated between Bessarion and Leslie subway stations, north of the 401 and south of Sheppard. A couple phases of the project are concurrently underway, each in various stages of design and construction. First off, construction on the new Bessarion Community Centre and Park for the neighbourhood is slated to begin later this year along the east edge of the Park Place district. The 12,300-square-metre 4-storey Community Centre is a City of Toronto initiative designed by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects and will house a Toronto Public Library branch, a fitness centre, a gymnasium, a pool area, classrooms, and multi-functional community spaces, among others, while the new 8-acre park will add some much-needed recreational green space.

Rendering of the Bessarion Community Centre, image courtesy of Concrod Adex.

Next up, four new proposed towers in Concord Park Place will add hundreds of new residences along the south edge of the park, providing a buffer between the park and Highway 401. Seasons at Concord Park Place is a pair of towers designed by the IBI Group that will rise 36 and 33 storeys at the east and west phases respectively, comprising a total of 692 new condo units. Immediately west of Seasons, Saisons will add another pair of towers, though not much is yet known about this next phase other than the renderings available on the developer's website. Both Seasons and Saisons are currently in sales and marketing, however, only Seasons has been submitted for Site Plan Approval at the City. In the south-llooking rendering below, Saisons is the two buildings to the right, Seasons is the next two buildings in the middle, while the building on the left is Omega, described below.

Rendering of Seasons and Saisons at Concord Park Place, image courtesy of Concord Adex.

Just east of Seasons, Opus and Omega on the Park Condos at Concord are well under construction, and are set to top off in the coming weeks. The 35 and 36-storey towers are designed by the IBI Group and will add 350 and 374 new condo units respectively to the dense neighbourhood. Look for construction to wrap up on these before the end of the year.

View of Opus (right) and Omega (left) at Concord Park Place, image by Forum contributor steveve.

Leaving Concord Park Place, we head east to the sparse plot of land on the north side of Sheppard across from Leslie subway station, where plans for a new mixed-use community dubbed Central Park were proposed back in 2011 by Amexon Development Corporation. Designed by Core Architects, the original plan included six residential towers as high as 43 storeys, but after moving through the planning process, the OMB approved a scaled down version in 2013 that featured five towers ranging in height from 12 to 31 storeys, comprising nearly 1,500 new residential units. The proposal also includes large open space, significant ground floor retail, and two 4- and 8-storey office buildings set to be retained and retrofitted along the north end of the site. Despite having received rezoning approvals, Amexon have not moved forward with the massive development yet, so this one remains dormant for the time being.

Rendering of the Central Park development, image courtesy of CORE Architects

Eastward across the ravine from Central Park, and just a bit north on Leslie Street, we come to Tridel's Scala. Designed by Wallman Architects, the terraced 18-storey condo building will contain 536 residential units, with a unique stepped-back aesthetic overlooking the ravine. The project endured a successful sales and marketing campaign, the site has been cleared of older buildings, and construction is now project to begin in spring or summer 2018.

Rendering of Scala, image courtesy of Tridel

Continuing east on Sheppard, we come to our next major rapidly-densifying crossroads at Don Mills Road, where a proposed tower-in-the-park infill development has been submitted for 1650 Sheppard East to the northwest of the intersection. Designed by Rafael + Bigauskas Architects, the 35-storey residential tower would be tucked behind the existing 15-storey slab style apartment tower on the site, and would contain 343 residential units, a new 3-storey parking garage to the east of the existing building, and new retail space fronting Sheppard. The project was appealed to the OMB last year, with a pre-hearing scheduled in June and a full hearing scheduled in January 2019.

Rendering of 1650 Sheppard Avenue East, image via submission to the City of Toronto

Just to the northeast of 1650 Sheppard East, another tower-in-the-park development is proposed at 2600 Don Mills Road, where Compten Management is looking to build a 39-storey rental tower adjacent to the existing 19-storey apartment tower currently on the site. The building is designed by Quadrangle and would add 364 new units to the dense neighbourhood. The development was submitted to the City for rezoning just last year, so stay tuned as it works its way through the planning process.

Rendering of 2600 Don Mills Road, image courtesy of Compten Management.

On the southeast corner of Sheppard and Don Mills, we arrive at ELAD Canada's massive Emerald City development, a new mixed-use community that is adding thousands of new residents at the terminus of the Sheppard subway line. Emerald City consists of three blocks: Block A is closest to Sheppard Avenue and completed a couple years ago, with three towers and associated townhouses; Block B is located just to the south, with one complete tower and two towers now under construction; and Block C, the furthest south, is adding three additional towers, with construction on each just getting underway. All Emerald City condominium towers are designed by WZMH Architects.

We start our tour of Emerald City with Fifth On The Park, ELAD's second Block B phase. The 24-storey 363-unit condo building is nearing completion, having topped off last year, and is set for occupancy within the coming months. Just next door, The Park Club is also slated for completion this year, as the 33-storey 344-unit has also topped off, with work now moving into the interiors. Look for construction crews to wrap up on both buildings in the coming months.

View of Fifth on the Park (left) and Park Club (right) in October 2017, image by Craig White.

Moving south to Block C of Emerald City, a trio of towers are just beginning construction this month. The Peak is the tallest of the three and will rise 33 storeys with 372 condo units, while next door, The Point will rise 24-storeys and will add 279 new condo units. Rounding out the bunch, Lumina, the shortest of the three, will rise 15 storeys with 254 condo units, and will be the final building constructed in Emerald City. Look for shoring and excavation to be underway for these three buildings in the coming weeks.

Rendering of The Peak, image courtesy of ELAD Canada.

Rendering of The Point, image courtesy of ELAD Canada.

Rendering of Lumina, image courtesy of ELAD Canada.

Crossing to the north side of Sheppard, TCHC is redeveloping yet another of their outdated neighbourhoods with the Allenbury Gardens Redevelopment. Located northeast of CF Fairview Mall, a series of five rental and market condo towers along with new townhouse blocks are being constructed along Fairview Mall Drive, replacing the existing stock of mid-century townhouses. Working with development partner Fram Building Group, construction on the redevelopment has already begun, with all phases now at least in the planning pipeline. All buildings are designed by Core Architects.

Site Plan of the Allenbury Gardens development, image courtesy of Fram Building Group

Phase One of the Allenbury Gardens Redevelopment involved the construction of two market condominium towers by Fram, along with a series of townhouses on the western block of the site. Dubbed Soul and Connect Condos, the two towers rise 17 and 16 storeys, housing 216 and 210 condo unit respectively. Soul Condos, the easternmost of the two, completed in 2017, while the finishing touches are being put on Connect Condos next door, which will wrap up construction this year.

View of Soul (right) and Connect (left) Condos in December 2017, image by Forum contributor Salsa.

Phase Two of the Allenbury Gardens Redevelopment is the centre block and features two towers, one market condominium and one TCHC rental tower, along with more townhouse blocks. The condo tower is dubbed Vivo Condos, and would rise 17 storeys containing 213 units, while the rental tower would rise 10 storeys and contain 75 rental units. Both towers were submitted for Site Plan Approval last fall, with Vivo Condos now in the sales and marketing phase. There is no word on when the park, located between Blocks 1 and 2 as part of the Allenbury Gardens master plan, will be constructed.

Rendering of the Phase Two rental tower (left) and Vivo Condos (right), image courtesy of Fram Building Group.

The final phase of the Allenbury Gardens Redevelopment was submitted for rezoning last year, and features a 23-storey building containing 371 condo units constructed at 21 Allenbury Gardens on the eastern block of the site, adjacent to Highway 404. The breakdown of the units will be determined at the Site Plan Approval submission. Stay tuned as this last building makes its way through the planning process.

Rendering of 21 Allenbury Gardens, image courtesy of Core Architects.

We now head north on Don Mills all the way to Finch Avenue, and turn east to our final building on our list at Seneca College's Newnham Campus, where construction is currently underway on the institution's Centre for Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (CITE). Designed by Perkins + Will, the facility will reach 5 storeys in height, and will become the newest hub for Seneca's innovation and entrepreneurship activities, while also providing additional space for the mechanical engineering technology and mechatronics programs. The building is now approaching its final height, and is targeted for a September 2018 opening. Other new condos to check can be found here.

View of the CITE under construction in December 2017, image by Forum contributor salsa.

+ + +

That's all for this instalment, but check back next week when we cross the 404 and explore all the development happening in North Scarborough. In the meantime, you can find out more about the developments covered in this Growth to Watch For article by clicking on the Database links below. You can also get in on the discussion by checking out the associated Forum threads, or by leaving a comment in the space provided on this page.

ED NOTE: This article has been republished with a correction regarding the tenure of 21 Allenbury Gardens: it will be a condominium, not a rental as previously stated.

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