Urban Strategies Inc.
134 projects  :  11 complete  |  21 under construction  |  102 pre-construction

Urban Strategies® is a global urban design and planning consultancy based in Toronto. The firm’s nineteen Senior Leaders, and 60+ Associates, planners, designers and specialized staff come from diverse backgrounds, including architecture, economics, environmental science, landscape architecture, planning, stakeholder engagement, public administration, geospatial and data analytics, and the visual arts. Since 1986, Urban Strategies has earned over 100 awards and an international reputation. The firm focuses on master planning, city-building, public policy, public and stakeholder engagement and strategic planning to produce creative, targeted and action-oriented land use plans. The core of what the firm does is understand land – its development, constraints and opportunities and the strategies needed to best contribute to a community’s growth and development. At the base is a strong foundation in basic planning due diligence and policy analysis. As an integrated planning and design firm Urban Strategies also has the expertise to test and understand different built form solutions for land development through massing and design exercises. Through creative, meaningful engagement strategies, the firm involves community members from the very beginning and throughout the full program – the objective is to ensure that by the end of the process the plan belongs to the community.

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