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YRT/Viva Construction Thread (Rapidways, Terminals)


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Nov 13, 2016
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Richmond Hill
Went and walked the centre median crossing over highway 7 today. The new roads around VMC have opened which seem to make a big impact on traffic, though they aren’t quite finished yet with sidewalks and bike lanes still being incomplete.

I found the bus lane to help a lot to buffer traffic from the median area, especially since bus frequencies are so low. It felt sketchy enough as it is, if traffic was right beside the barrier it would have felt very unsafe.

the crossing to get to it across the 400 off ramp intersection feels very unsafe, it feels like you shouldn’t be there as you are right in the middle of the road. it improves once you cross and enter the median barrier part but still sort of feels wrong and unsafe, much like i thought it would.

it probably works best as a cycling connection, but the median area where you wait to cross back to the side of the road seems to have no accommodation for cyclists to make that same shift. It’s just a small sidewalk space that could only fit maybe a handful of bikes and pedestrians at once.

interesting to see accessible tactile strips in that median waiting area, I haven’t seen those on sidewalks before this.

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Traffic will be even better once the Colussus Dr to Interchange Way Highway 400 midblock crossing gets built.