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Bookstores (Chapters/Indigo/R-B)

I rememeber reading an article about them wanting to name it IndigoLite, but I guess even they thought it sounded ridiculous.
And it was the same as they are now, as in primarily French? It'd be nice to have some competition in the big box book business, like Archambault/R-B/Chapters/Indigo in Montreal.
Yep, it was a very French bookstore.

I suppose Librairie Champlain is the only one that the French community can support in this city.

I'd like to see McNally-Robinson here to shake things up and give me somewhere to buy that isn't controlled by Reisman. Book City and Pages are great, but only go so far, and less convenient for non-downtowners. Calgary, Winnipeg even have more competition for the "big box" book stores than here. It's a nice, small, family-owned chain.
I walked by the now open Indigo Spirit at FCP today. It just looks like a Coles store rebranded to be more in-line with Indigo and is about the same size as a typical Coles (like the one at Royal Bank Plaza for example). It doesn't look revolutionary, just updated, and it appears its main focus is books (imagine that).
I still remember the old-school WH Smith book stores, and how at one point, we had Coles, WH Smith, and Coles' flagship, World's Biggest Bookstore. And downtown, Edwards Books and Art, Britnell. My father, a Bramptonian, didn't care for the meagre selections of WH Smith and Coles, and would make trips downtown just for Book City, Edwards (his favourite being the one at Queen and Spadina), WBB and the U of T bookstore. I'd usually go along.
I worked for a while at the Edwards at Yonge & Eglinton. They were very smart, shutting up shop just after Christmas, when there was a lot of cash on hand.
The W.H. Smith in the TD Centre ( at the main "crossroads" downstairs, opposite where the row of bank machines are now ) was a great place to buy English newspapers, the Melody Maker, the NME, and other pop music magazines when I was at art school. It was there for about 20 years.