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Edward Skira
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  • Hi Edward, hope you are keeping well, I'd like to post a job opportunity for your members- I am just wondering how I can go about doing that?
    Edward Skira
    Edward Skira
    Create a thread where you did in the job board section. Not well used but that's it for us. Unless you want to advertise. @CondoQUEEN
    hi Edward
    I am new here and trying to post something in the forum to gauge some feedback. I cannot right now because "post a new thread" is not active or does not exist.
    is there a way I can create a new post to generate discussion about "looking to buy"?

    Thank you
    Hi Edward,

    I finally managed to upload photos from my Mac. But I couldn't do it from IPhoto. I did it from Desktop.

    Again, thanks for your help!
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