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Bookstores (Chapters/Indigo/R-B)

It's Indigo, but also restaurant news - so I'll put it here and see what everyone thinks:

Columbus Cafe is opening in 11 Indigo locations in Ontario & Quebec, with future expansion opportunities between the two brands on the table across the country.

At the Manulife Indigo, a Dark Horse will open where the Starbucks used to be on the lower level. A notice of liquor licence application is posted.

Depending on who you ask it was a union busting move.

There is no question that's exactly what it was....

While Kennedy Common writ large is unfortunate (boxes laid out around a vast parking lot subdivided by a public road); it was the only full-line Chapters/Indigo in all of Scarborough.

There is certainly a compelling case for a better site; but as no replacement store is ready, or even announced, there is little question in my mind about the motive for closure here.