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Bookstores (Chapters/Indigo/R-B)


Depending on who you ask it was a union busting move.

There is no question that's exactly what it was....

While Kennedy Common writ large is unfortunate (boxes laid out around a vast parking lot subdivided by a public road); it was the only full-line Chapters/Indigo in all of Scarborough.

There is certainly a compelling case for a better site; but as no replacement store is ready, or even announced, there is little question in my mind about the motive for closure here.
In actuality, she selling the chain to her husband.

She only owns 4.6% of it now.

He (through Trilogy) already owns ~56%

So really he's buying out the remaining 40%.

At $2.50 a share, looks like its ~20M

Inconsequential to a guy whose net worth is ~1.5B
The iconic Glad Day Bookstore might face eviction.

A fine spot to post this, but you may be interested in the ongoing discussion of same in the Church-Wellesley Village thread, here: