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Vita on the Lake Construction Expanding to Vita Two Site


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  • Best I clarify my stating re Urban Sky: "He's been put on a leash" in case it sounds imposed. Let me rephrase: 'In the cause of delicate negotiations, he has determined it's best to steer clear of any impacting statements he might make'. Something is brewing at VIA, hopefully good.
    Thank you. Knowing that you're aware of the situation gives me succor to hold my reflexes. On an unrelated point: Urban Sky has been 'put on a leash' by VIA. We message back and forth. He's a wealth of inside information.
    Please review KiethZ, Fritz and Smallspy and another poster who's name eludes me at this time over the last few months. I've been waiting for moderation to take care of the problem, it's been left to me to fend for myself.

    Urban Sky has had to write some scathing posts on the matter in lieu of moderation.
    I brought it to the attention of the other mods.

    Nfitz has been banned several times. He's frustrating because he knows how to post just within the rules. Smallspy is very knowledgeable, but is not always right and can be very snappy. We're watching him.
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