Continuing our annual Growth to Watch For series, we continue west from our Entertainment District and Southwest Toronto coverage into South Etobicoke, bringing you an overview of the developments set to make an impact on the area in 2016. While much of Toronto's development continues to be clustered in and around the Downtown core, Etobicoke's lakeside skyline is experiencing fast-paced growth in its own right, with a significant number of projects—some of which are among the tallest in the city—currently underway.

Our coverage of the area is divided into three sections, beginning with an overview of the projects which should complete this year, followed by projects where will be see construction start or continue through the year, and we will finish up with a preview of proposed and approved projects in the area that we may see activity on later this year.

2016 Completions

With much of Etobicoke's high-rise construction activity clustered near the Lake, the Humber Bay Shores and Lake Shore Boulevard corridor are set to see a wealth of projects completed in 2016. Overlooking Mimico Creek just north of Lake Shore Boulevard, The Times Group's Key West kicks off our coverage in Etobicoke's east end, with the 44-storey Burka Architects-designed tower now in the closing stages of construction. With the building now topped off and 90% of the cladding installed, the project is already shaping up aesthetically, with precast concrete piers emphasizing the vertical amidst the surrounding cluster of towers.

Key West in December 2015, image by Craig White

South and east of Key West, a number of projects along Lake Shore Boulevard are also set to complete this year. At 2151 Lake Shore, Mattamy/Monarch and Biddington's Lago At the Waterfront is set to top off and begin occupancy within the year. Designed by Graziani + Corazza, the 49-storey skyscraper is already making a notable impact on Etobicoke's Humber Bay skyline with balconies sporting alternating light and dark tints every four floors to the top. 

Lago at the Waterfront in December 2015, image by Craig White

Immediately east of Lago facing the Bay, the 14-storey Riva del Lago sister project is also expected to make major progress over the coming months, with the boutique condominium (also designed by G+C for Mattamy/Monarch and Biddington) set to top off mid-year, and nearing completion by the end of 2016. With much of Etobicoke's waterfront undergoing a dramatic influx of high-rise density, the comparatively scaled down Riva del Lago offers a more intimate alternative to many of the area's more imposing skyscrapers.

Lago and Riva del Lago (l-r) in December 2015, image by Craig White

Moving southwest, Jade Waterfront Condos is a close neighbour to the Lago siblings, with Phantom Development's 41-storey tower topped off and entering the closing stages of construction. With balcony glass partway through installation, Quadrangle Architects' wave-inspired design aesthetic is already evident on the short sides of the tower, underscoring the project's proximity to the water. 

Jade Waterfront Condos in December 2015, image by Craig White

Continuing along Lake Shore Boulevard, the cluster of towers near Mimico Creek and Humber Bay Park gives way to more intimate and less development-heavy streetscapes through Mimico and New Toronto. At Lake Shore and Kipling, however, Humber College's Lakeshore Campus is set to see a number of its ambitious expansion projects completed this year. The Moriyama & Teshima-designed Welcome Centre targets a late 2016 opening, with the building set to become a marquee showcase for the growing campus.

The Welcome Centre under construction, image courtesy of Humber College

Humber's new Athletic Centre is also scheduled to complete late this year, and also features a modern Moriyama & Teshima design. Located directly on Lake Shore Boulevard, the 24,00 square foot facility will be equipped with extensive cardio and weight equipment, group fitness studios, and change rooms/showers. Both buildings target LEED Silver certification. 

The Athletic Centre under construction in early 2016, image courtesy of Humber College

Located on the grounds and within the renovated buildings of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, the campus will also see the last of the historic cottages—known as Building G—restored to become the College's Centre for Entrepeneurship, housing meeting spaces and group study areas. In addition to a complete restoration of the existing property, the project will also see a new wing added to the cottage. Like the above developments, the Centre for Entrepeneurship targets a 2016 opening.

Building G as it appears in early 2016, image courtesy of Humber College

Further west along Lake Shore Boulevard, the first phase of Minto, Kilmer, and Diamond Corp's Minto Long Branch is set to be completed this year. The Giannone Petricone and Guthrie Muscovitch Architects-designed retail and condominium development will include suburban-style street-level retail along Lake Shore, as well as a total of 501 residential units. The project takes its name from one of the three former towns of Etobicoke's south end; Mimico, New Toronto, and Long Branch.

Part of the retail portion of Minto Long Branch, image by UT Forum contributor salsa

More Construction

While 2016 is poised to see many of Etobicoke's more prominent developments completed, some of the area's largest ongoing projects target a later completion date, while a number of newer developments are expected to launch construction later in the year.

Once again moving east to west, our starting point near the mouth of Mimico Creek will see some of Etobicoke's tallest projects make construction progress this year. At 2147 and 2143 Lake Shore Boulevard West, The Conservatory Group's Waterways (below) and Cove at Waterways towers are set to make major progress this year, though neither of the Richmond Architects-designed buildings will be completed by the end of 2016.

A rendering of the 56-storey Waterways tower, courtesy of The Conservatory Group

While the excavation pit for both phases has been dug at the same time, the 16-storey Cove at Waterways (below) is already considered under construction—and could top off by the end of the year—but its 56-storey sibling is set to see actual construction launch at a later date. The towers will join what is quickly becoming Etobicoke's tallest residential cluster.

The site for Cove at Waterways, image courtesy of UT Forum contributor drum118

Moving southwest again, Empire's Eau du Soleil Condos is the tallest project currently under construction outside of Toronto's Downtown core. Eau du Soleil's two Richmond Architects and Zeidler Partnership Architects-designed towers will rise to heights of 66 and 49 storeys. Following last year's groundbreaking, the development's huge excavation pit is now close to completion. 

The site for Eau du Soleil in late 2015, image by UT Forum contributor Keyz

A short distance from Eau du Soleil, The Onni Group's 46-storey Westlake Encore is further along with some of the garage levels now being formed, and the tower should be most of the way to its final height by the end of the year. The Page + Steele / IBI Group-designed development is set to reach the sloping grade in the coming few months. With the site already surrounded by a tall cluster of towers, the project seems a natural fit for the area, which less than a decade ago was still occupied by parking lots and low-rise industrial buildings.

Westlake Encore in late December 2015, image by UT Forum contributor drum118

Moving west into Mimico Village, Stanton's On The GO Mimico—located on Royal York Road a kilometre north of Lake Shore—will see construction continue throughout the year. Designed by McCallum Sather Architects, the 27-storey development markets itself as a convenient option for commuters to Downtown Toronto, with the tower located (as the name implies) right at the Mimico GO Station.

A rendering of On the GO Mimico, image courtesy of Stanton Renaissance

Continuing to the northwest, the second phase of The Remington Group's IQ Condos is currently underway on The Queensway, with a pair of 24-storey towers set to rise above their 12-storey phase one neighbours. With construction reaching grade at the end of 2015, the Richmond Architects-designed project is expected to top off by the end of the year, but complete in 2017.

The site for IQ phase 2 seen in front of IQ phase 1 in December 2015, image by UT Forum Contributor Jasonzed

Rounding off the year's expected construction progress, the ongoing expansion of western Etobicoke's Sherway Gardens Mall will continue throughout the year, with a number of major retailers scheduled to open in 2016, including Saks Fifth Avenue on February 25. The continued Dialog Architects-led expansion follows the opening of the Cadillac Fairview mall's new Northwest wing in September, and the debut of John McEwan's new art installation at the end of last year. Construction will continue at the mall into 2017 with the addition of a new Nordstrom.

The new Sherway interior in December 2015, image by Craig White

Future Growth to Watch For

In the longer-term future, south Etobicoke will to continue to be re-shaped by an influx new developments. Some of the projects in the works for the area include the approved third phase of IQ Condos, the low-rise commercial components on Lake Shore Boulevard through Humber Bay Shores, including at the Ocean Club development. Across Lake Shore in this area is the huge question mark of the Mondelez Lands, where the old Mr. Christie's cookies factory was, and where we await news on what could be a huge redevelopment proposal here. In addition, the current status of proposed developments at 1926 Lake Shore West, 2313 Lake Shore West, and 42 Park Lawn Road, is not precisely known, though these projects could move forward in the coming years. The City is also preparing a new Sherway Area Master Plan to direct redevelopment of the area around the growing mall, including its parking lots.

Our Growth to Watch For series will continue with more overviews of Toronto's development hotspots, with a look at the growth within reach of the Bloor end of the Bloor Danforth subway line coming up next. In the meantime, make sure to check out the dataBase files and Forum threads for each of the projects mentioned for more information. Want to share your thoughts on development in these neighbourhoods? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page, or join in on the discussion in one of our associated Forum threads.

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