Kilmer Group

Kilmer Group

The principal company within the Kilmer Group is Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Limited (KVN) which is the private investment holding company of Toronto businessman Larry Tanenbaum. The Kilmer Group is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with an office in Montreal, Quebec. Kilmer invests mainly in private companies both directly for its own account and indirectly through funds it manages for significant financial institutions and pension funds.

The Kilmer Group will invest in areas where its unique mix of skills and experiences, derived from over forty years of extensive and successful operating and investment activities, will enable it to add value to new investment opportunities.

The Kilmer Brownfield Equity Fund is a private equity investment fund run by experienced brownfield specialists dedicated to creating value for stakeholders through the clean-up and revitalization of environmentally-impacted—Brownfield—properties in Canada.

Company information

Scotia Plaza, Suite 2700 40 King Street West, Box 127, Toronto, ON M5H 3Y2, Canada
+1 (416) 635 6100


Minto Long Branch

Minto Long Branch Toronto by Minto, Diamond Corp, Kilmer Group and Giannone Petr
3600 Lake Shore West, Toronto | Diamond Corp, Minto Group, Kilmer Group
Creating a sustainable new neighbourhood in the heart of the historic Village of Long Branch. The project will transform the lands from an underutilized industrial site to a thriving mixed-use ... go to project