Parcel One
25 projects  :  5 complete  |  17 under construction  |  3 pre-construction

At Parcel One, we are dedicated to becoming your preferred choice for innovative smart locker solutions across diverse industries. Our mission is to simplify and customize the experience for your projects, ensuring they align seamlessly with your unique vision. In the design and development sectors, we offer a versatile range of Canadian-made smart lockers. We understand the importance of flexibility and the need for tailor-made solutions. That's why we provide custom Auto CAD files for architects and interior designers, enabling you to plan your parcel room during the design phase. This streamlines the parcel locker industry and ensures that our solutions align with the requirements of your projects. We believe that every choice you make in the design industry is a statement. That's why we encourage you to make the bold choice of Parcel One – a statement in favor of Canadian excellence, innovation, and exceptional local support. Our smart lockers transcend being a mere solution; they serve as a catalyst for transforming the design landscape.

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