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Toronto Top 20 Under Construction List

I'm just saying that there's a difference between those towers and the others on the list that actually are under construction. Preparations currently underway will allow Harbour Plaza to be built, but there is no actual go-ahead for them yet, and it will be quite a while before there is.


Understood. So what would be the two that would replace those towers on a list like this? Edit: it looks as if it should be Chaz, rising, and Pace, sinking.
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Understood. So what would be the two that would replace those towers on a list like this?

497 feet 151m Chaz on Charles
480 feet 146m Pace Condominiums

But for now I would consider the Harbour Plaza residential towers to be under construction, even if there is a possibility that the towers may be put on hold several years from now. Excavation, and construction of the sub-floors and the podium, is a huge portion of the total amount of construction involved in a project like this. I cannot just ignore it.
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Not when replacing them with buildings that actually have their permits would bring a couple of 400 footers into the list!

Well, I admit that it was a happy coincidence that having them on the list makes all of them over 500 feet. But it was in fact merely a coincidence.:)
A direct comparison of the heights in the December 2009 and the April 2013 top 20 lists might be interesting. Note that there are no buildings on both lists; there was a complete turnover of projects in the 3 years between the two lists.


Also, if you disregard the cheater spire on Trump, it would be right in line with the other 2009 projects at a roof height of 776 feet, 120 feet below its counterpart on the 2013 list, Aura. Here is the same comparison with Trump listed at its 776 foot roof height:

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Thanks for plotting those heights, Mongo. What's interesting is that the giant proposals we have now will make the transition from 2013-2017 much larger than 2009-2013, not that I think we'll be able to build all the massive proposals in this boom, :(
It's been over a year since the last update, so this is definitely overdue. The height needed to make it onto the list continues to increase:

May 31 2014

1 896 feet 273m 78 floors Aura Topped Out
2 844 feet 257m 75 floors One Bloor East Rising
3 768 feet 234m 67 floors Ice East Rising
4 764 feet 233m 66 floors Harbour Plaza, east tower Rising
T5 735 feet 224m 62 floors Harbour Plaza, west tower Rising
T5 735 feet 224m 68 floors Ten York Rising
7 673 feet 205m 58 floors L Tower Topped Out
8 669 feet 204m 58 floors 88 Scott Sinking
9 663 feet 202m 57 floors Ice West Topped Out
10 643 feet 196m 45 floors Bay-Adelaide East Rising
11 617 feet 188.2m 40 floors Ernst & Young Tower Sinking
12 613 feet 187m 57 floors CASA II Rising
13 604 feet 184m 55 floors U Condos, east tower Rising
14 587 feet 179m 54 floors INDX Condominiums Rising
15 569 feet 174m 35 floors Sun Life Financial Tower Rising
16 551 feet 168m 45 floors Hullmark Centre, north tower Rising
17 550 feet 167.5m 49 floors Lago at the Waterfront Rising
18 544 feet 166m 50 floors Karma Rising
19 525 feet 161.1m 49 floors X2 Rising
20 528 feet 161m 48 floors FIVE Rising
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