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News   May 24, 2024
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News   May 24, 2024
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Toronto election sign wars

Live in the Junction BWV where Chow signs rule N of Bloor with a few Tory. Have seen a few FordMayor signs (2) in the 'hood but they're littered all over the properties north of St. Clair between Runnymede and Gunns Road (they must've really hit up the subdivision there, but was glad to see that a sign on the TTC property had been pulled out).

Most councilor signs are "re elect Sarah Doucette" with odd Nick Pavlov sign. Eugene Melnyk (it can't be that Eugene Melnyk?) has plastered his signs on light posts.
I saw signs for Larry Colle next to signs for Josh Colle.

Larry Colle's signs have a white background with red text, similar to that of Josh Colle, right down to the font, minus any green colouring in the background (which Josh uses to depict vegetation in the foreground (the background is white)).

Note that Larry Colle is running for Catholic school board trustee and thus not competing against Josh Colle.

I also see signs for Jennifer Arp (secular school trustee) as well. I am going to vote for her in the election.

In my neighbourhood, north of Glencairn, Ford and Tory signs outnumber Chow signs. Chow signs are more common south of the former York-North York boundary.

This is why Ward 15 is a true battleground ward with Josh Colle being officially diplomatic by not endorsing any candidate for mayor.
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That billboard doesn't mention a thing about an election.
I'm only assuming it is meant to be because of your message, but nothing seems to suggest that to me.
There are also other, more direct billboards in the Ward that all were put up in late September. What a coincidence, from a guy who had been in trouble with the Municipal Act once before, during the 2010 election. From the Toronto Star today:

There are at least three other pro-Cusimano billboards in the ward. Those billboards say, in large type, “Make your vote count: Gus Cusimano, Councillor.” They endorse “Ford or Tory” for mayor.

Those billboards were paid for by the "Ancaster Ratepayers Association," pretty much a one-man band of Tony DiSanto, a local garage owner who has been feuding with Maria Augimeri for years. It was at him Augimeri yelled "shut up" in 2008 after the Sunrise explosion, he was harassing her off-camera. Di Santo was in 2010 a big Cusimano supporter.

The Deerborne billboards are a sham. I used to live in Ward 9, and still have some business there. Never were billboards taken anywhere for that slimeball's insurance company.
Around Mount Pleasant and Eglinton (Eglington, sorry) the most common election signs are Matlow's. There are some Tory signs scattered around, a few Chow, and so far I've seen exactly one Ford sign. Haven't seen any school board signs. There's also a house on Soudan which has one each of a Chow and a Goldkind sign. The most common are still "Slow down" signs, though.
I still see selective vandalism of signs on my commute up Albion Rd through Rexdale. Almost every day for the past week you can see every sign but Ford's have been pulled out and tossed on the ground.
Saw a bunch of Ford signs up against the Subway in the wilds just before Kipling that have gone up over night.
Ward 42. Neethan Shan's supporters were caught by police stealing Raymond Cho's signs.

I hope this was not pre-planned by the candidate. I voted for the guy.
There is hope yet!

Today, as I was driving home from work, I saw a bunch of Kevin Clarke for Mayor signs. Well, rather white spray paint on garbage bags. They were located on the Kingston Road median in West Hill. Quite poetic for me, you see, as I grew up just west of West Hill and used to have interesting conversations with Clarkey when I lived in Parkdale up until 7 years ago. Last I saw him was two years ago in Cabbagetown. I was worried he was dead. I guess he's just been relocated to eastern Scarborough.

Not even sure if he's running for mayor this time around. I should just vote for him, sorry Ari.
I've seen signs for Ford right under the 427 at the Airport, on the fence separating the Airport ramp from Airport/Dixon Rd.
Which is pretty much almost not Toronto.
There's a couple of Ford signs east of the Rouge by Altona Rd. They're pretty obscured, almost in the ditch.
I see some Chow signs in Scarborough. There are some union offices near me and they are obviously supporting her.
There's a couple of Ford signs east of the Rouge by Altona Rd. They're pretty obscured, almost in the ditch.

What, where they belong?

This reminds me of the obscured and ill-faced one I saw by the tracks beside St Clair West on Sunday. They really are placing them in a way that denotes that they are feeling a bit of that embarrassment that comes with self-loathing. Cute.