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Toronto election sign wars

In the Beaches today, pretty much what I expected: Chow leading closer to Queen and Tory ahead in the wealthier area around the Glen Stewart Ravine. There were a few signs for Sandra Bussin around (hard to believe there are people aren't embarrassed to take her signs) and I think I must have walked past James Sears' own house.
Because of the minimal traffic impact of the 2-lane scenario versus the 4 lane scenario, it is
recommended that the City pursue the 2-lane reduction of Eglinton Avenue between Avenue
Road to Mount Pleasant Road
Can't wait to see the "impact" the first time the LRT has a service interruption and the busses come out to play. Hope no one needs EMS vehicles while the 2 travel lanes are full of busses.
In my neighbourhood of Don Valley East almost half the signage is placed by candidates for school board trustee. Many of these signs are huge.
I've seen signs for Ford right under the 427 at the Airport, on the fence separating the Airport ramp from Airport/Dixon Rd.
Which is pretty much almost not Toronto.
Norm Kelly's sign game is solid, that is for sure.

I am seeing a surprising amount of school trustee signs in my ward.
I drove past a Ford sign earlier today that was placed on the south side of St Clair, just east of Scarlett that was parallel with the street, facing an industrial building across the way, mostly obscured by shrubbery.

Is this ridiculous placement a sign of their collective subconcious self-doubt and shame? I'm amazed!
Phew! I grew up down Scarborough Golf Club Road...quite a bit east of where you were, thank the universe. All is not lost!

Though, any Ford Nation tain on my beloved Scarborough is saddening. (Most melodramatic election ever!)
There are a good deal of Ford signs on Warden avenue between Ellesmere and Lawrence.

Actually, I just realized, I think one of Ford's HQs (maybe the main or only one?) is right near where I was at Lawrence E and Warden.

What do you guys think of the HQ locations of each of the campaigns? Here's my interpretation:

Ford: Lawrence & Warden in Scarborough. Clearly he wants to rally Scarborough support, and suburban support in general, and push the "subways for Scarborough" message.

Chow: Yonge & St Clair. To me this indicates she wants to stay close to her downtown base, but also trying to make a play slightly outside downtown as well.

Tory: Wellesley & Bay. This location is both near Queens Park and Tory's home and is subway accessible. Maybe he's trying to show that he'll work with Queens Park ;)
Actually, I just realized, I think one of Ford's HQs (maybe the main or only one?) is right near where I was at Lawrence E and Warden.

Yes the Camping office is there. It is also across from Brad Duguid's office.
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In Ward 18, Derek Power has the best signs. Individually hand-painted upon request.


Saw an Ari Goldkind sign on Symington Ave. yesterday.


...but damn them all, I'm voting for Joe Pants.


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