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News   May 24, 2024
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Toronto election sign wars

Most amusing signage witnessed yet: a Ward 7 Mammoliti opponent's "Keep Calm and Vote Harp Brar" (yeah, looks exactly like what you'd expect)
I read on twitter there was an illegal sign blitz by the Fords when people woke up on Saturday morning
Illegal Ford signs that were removed at St.Clair and Warden several days ago were replaced today. ugh
Toronto Campaign Signs: Use and Removal and other thoughts...

Everyone: I found this topic interesting about the use and placement of campaign signs...

What are Toronto's rules about placement and afterwards removal following today's Election?

In the areas of Long Island that I have been in over the past month it looks like Republican candidates
have placed signs on public property much more often the Democrats have...I see more "Astorino-Moss"
signs around then "Cuomo-Hochul" (I support C-H) concerning NY's Governor election (Tuesday 11/4)...

I want to ask if Toronto has laws outlawing certain types of campaign signs - I recall that placing posters
on utility poles and other spots was made illegal at some point in the 80s on LI and some locations have
distinct rules that signs have to be removed promptly after elections...

A memory I have is a Election in Philadelphia - I believe it was 2004 - a US Presidential election - After
casting a absentee ballot at my home LI District I was visiting Philadelphia (relatives) on Election Day and I
noticed quite a plethora of small yard signs outside a nearby polling place - and I wanted to get some as
collectibles and I went over not even a hour after this specific polling place closed every last one was GONE!!!
That was something I sure did not expect - to it to be that prompt...

Some of these Toronto Election signs are sure to become collectibles - Will we find them on sites like EBay?

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This morning before 830am my John Tory sign was already gone. I know it was there on Sun but yesterday I can't say for sure. But I doubt another mayoral candidate's supporters pulled it out yesterday. There was only one other house on the street that had a sign and it was for Ford. So this shows how efficient Torys' team is

This was parked in the Kipling Station parking lot yesterday.


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