Toronto Charlie Condos | 122.83m | 36s | Great Gulf | Diamond Schmitt

I think the problem with those two lots....are inflated real-estate prices with height limits due to the park...developers arent touching that with a 10-foot pole.

There were proposals years ago.. the signs have since been taken down.

It really is an enourmous plot of land though...
The Shoppers Drug Mart (NW corner of King/Peter) and Mountain Equipment Co-op could be next given their redevelopment potential. I think I've heard rumours of an office proposal. I believe the large lot across from the Soho Metropolitan and beside Fly Condos don't have proposals yet.

Yes, the lot was the subject of a public meeting a while back. That property and the one immediately north of it on Peter are owned by Allied Properties, and they were exploring a one or two tower proposal for the site. This would include office space. So far as I know, nothing new has emerged.
February 2, 2012.

This is one of those buildings that shows much better in person than in photographs. The blue-grey brick actually looks quite nice up-close and the glass is more reflective.

Anyone hear about a possible Aroma Espresso going in the podium CRU?

Another coffee shop? Yeesh. At this rate King West will be nothing but restos and coffee shops in 10 years.
M5V is about 5 feet taller. But Charlie will be better looking and of higher quality. GG is a good, reputable developer.

Where are you getting your numbers from? According to SSP's diagram page M5V is 119.5 metres and Charlie will be 123.3 metres.
Found this old (refusal) report stating M5V at 34s and 124.7 m. IIRC, they eventually got 34s from the OMB but was unable to find any further staff reports or height sources.

My bad, thanks for the correction.

It's hard to find the right answer. The OMB decision seems to indicate the original proposed height of 124.7 metres however this more recent document references the successful OMB decision buts lists the height as being only 119.5 metres.
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