Toronto Charlie Condos | 122.83m | 36s | Great Gulf | Diamond Schmitt

22 June 2013: Water the plants b4 they die!

Amazing and really enlightening shots from the photographers around here.

I'm probably moving from Minto Quantum 2 to the downtown area soon. This building and Six50 King have really captured my attention. Was in both yesterday, and I have to say some of the unit designs in Charlie are really perplexing...tiny "master" bedroom with tiny ensuite bathroom, while the "2nd bedroom" is huge and well-lit, but doesn't have the attached bathroom. Really bizarre choices IMO. Other units, while smaller, were much better planned.

I haven't managed to read through all 61 pages yet, but if any owners or tenants stumble across this post, I'd love to hear your thoughts about this building and the quality of life there.
Mongoose: you're posting in the wrong thread. Please take your enquiries to the Real Estate thread for Charlie, linked at the top of this page.

It's great to be nostalgic of the past looking at photos of the 'kids'.

They grow up so fast nowadays.