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  • Therion,

    When you suggest that it would be cheaper to have a contractor perform all of the upgrades, what do you mean exactly? Does this mean you will get the condo basic as your bought it, then perform all of the renovations?

    Are there any cons to just getting the basic package if I plan on selling it?

    Lastly, if I get upgrades, am I required to write a cheque on the spot?


    Urban Trekker
    Re: Condo Stats.

    I could send you some data depending on what you are looking for. The best condo market data sources are CMHC (free), Urbanation and Realnet (both of which are rather costly) - so depending on what you are looking for those might be the best avenues. If you are looking for some very general stats on condo sales month over month visit and under their media/press release section BILD has monthly releases based on Realnet data.
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