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Mystery Man TO

There's a billboard and website up for Victory (parking lot next to the Hudson on King and Charlotte) but no renderings of the building yet. The billboard was on King, west of Bathurst.

Finally! It's a much anticipated Great Gulf project - renderings can be found at the Diamond + Schmitt Architects website under Portfolio>Residential/02

There are also city reports which I will dig up later.

Sharp looking building.
How very... Toronto of them.

Also: check out that Flash animation on their website. The way that V suddenly spreads: disturbing. Am I the only one seeing that?
AoD: The website doesn't mention Great Gulf though ... it says 'Developed by Lifetime Homes.' Hopeful it's still the D&S design though ... it looks good.
This might explain the reported sluggish sales of Glas. Sandwiched between the hudson, the charlotte and the soon to be Victory, it is destined to have limited views.
Not a great gulf project. Actually the rendering is disappointing considering the hype this project has received. BTW - Lifetime has their hands in the Four Seasons among other projects.

"Lifetime Urban Group headed by Mel Pearl and Sam Herzog is a 20 year partnership of friendship and success. From suburban residential communities to prestigious urban neighbourhoods, to the awarding winning "Waterpark City Condominiums" on Toronto's waterfront and finally to Liberty Market - a 350,000 square foot state of the art office renovation, Lifetime has devoted itself to enhancing the architecture, economy and lifestyle of Toronto's neighbourhoods."

Is it possible that someone took the Victory name before Great Gulf, and this project is actually not the site next to the Hudson?
Nice density on this intersection...

Victory, Hudson, M5V, glass, The Charlotte, 393 King West, etc..

(Victory lot beside glass lot)


But this screechn street car turn...Is ear piercn...
With the added density, I imagine it would only get worse..

question about property next to hudson

quick question:

I walked past Hudson yesterday, (king and spadina,) and there is a permit up for a 24 floor mixed use development right next to it. now I'm pretty sure Glas isn't going to be directly on King st, but behind it closer to adelaide - so I'm not sure what this property is.

does anybody know what it is?
It's Victory, to be designed by Diamond and Schmitt as well.

really? I thought that was going up on the south west corner of king and bathurst, in the empty parking lot there. I guess the big sign there threw me off.

question about property next to hudson

Isn't Victory supposed to be taller (30 or so) stories ???