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Rob Ford's Toronto

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...He's Toronto's curse, probably well-deserved.

This is what I initially thought about RoFo...what with my "Western Alienation" and all that.

Now, I think the cancer (ahem) that is FoFam is just a harbinger of fucked up Christmas future, not an actual direct smiting of the Tee Dot. Seeing how cozy these reprobates were with Flaherty and Harper meshes nicely with the federal Cons other sleaze and scandal (Jaffer, Kenny, Anders, Duffmeister, Wallin, Brazeau, etc etc).

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, I guess. Looking forward to Trudeau government sleaze, at least the Libs do it with style (and softer drugs, and less gun running street gangs).
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Soknacki's ex-camapign is releasing the results of the FOI request on Friday. I wonder if this is the event Jude has been alluding to?

The Jude story sounds like it might be about Doug getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar regarding Build Toronto.
The Jude story sounds like it might be about Doug getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar regarding Build Toronto.

I think "holding the jar open for a buddy, and telling him to take an extra one or two cookies while he's looking the other way" would be a more likely variation of the story.

The loss at Build Toronto is troubling.. Doug was in the number two chair at that table. That it's to do with Build is not a lock, but it's a good place to start looking.
You can't say "Folks" on private property. You can't sign it either.

F-f-folks k
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Harumpf harumpf erm don't knock Suite 1735 sonny! Great place for a few pops and phat stogies *and* better decor than the basement. I prefer it to Muzik, though I'm told certain lingual pleasures can be had on their bus.

I wouldn't know cuz I always take the better way home, or just sleep it off chez 1735. (Doug sometimes gives good advice.)

I prefer the Royal York Hotel to the Royal York Plaza. I'm a bit old fashioned that way. :)

You can't say "Folks" on private property. You can't sign it either.

You guys want tinfoil? Why not?

Put some dots together, folks ... Chicago, "Nation", gangs, gangsters,drugs,FoFam.

Probably the source of their potential drug smugglin' ops.

What? Too out there?
Doug knows about "their funny little signs", LOVES Chicagoland and is a piece of shit. Go ahead and tell me why not.
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Another night, another debate. THis one is at the Joseph J. Piccininni Community Centre. Candidates being introduced now #topoli

Even the reporters are getting tired of them. Just have one or two right before the election.
Somebody wrote (searched for it but couldn't find it) that the media will not report Fords classless selfie out of respect the the woman who was in the accident. But that's a total catch 22, because it's a story because it was so classless BECAUSE a woman died in the incident. But knowing how slow and stupid 80% of our media are they probably would think that. Remember this is the same TO media that the crack video was out there for a bit and everybody except the Star decided it wasn't worth following up on it or that Ford was having drunken downtown photos this entire term floating online (and on here) and nobody in the media is willing to really follow it up until everything blew up.

As For the "this isn't a story" people, of course it's a media story. It's a news story when a bratty teenage does it, yet it somehow not when the freakin Mayor does it? Every couple of months there a story of somebody taking a selfie in front of a homeless guy or a fire or an accident or in front a a memorial or a nazi camp, which is usually followed up with the normal commentary of "kids these days don't respect anything, kids are out of touch" Yet Rob Ford does it the local media doesn't touch it (but New York does) . Good grief the media talked about Obama selfie with the Danish PM during Mandela memorial (which was more of an upbeat celebration)

Look Ford (and everybody else for that matter) always claim how they are the right person to be in charge when sh*t goes down. Which is always subjective because until something happens we just don't know. But yesterday was a bit of a glimps of Rob Ford mentality that a person can be dying on the street and Rob is still thinking about his celebrity and making it about himself.

The guy who put that Rob and fan in front of disasters was an idea I had once this story broke. I thought it would be a great meme. But was too lazy to do one.
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Regarding Rob's hours of work.

I know he's sick and all that, but does anyone have a job where you can just come and go when you feel like it?

Even his staff don't seem to know when he is coming or going. I've never heard of anything like it.
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