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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Yesterday Jimmi (believe it was him) asked if Olivia/NDP supporters can jump to Doug. Most UT saying that's crazy, but I will be honest with you. I think that is A VERY REAL possibility.

The latest Forum poll had a break down of political parties voting for each candidates. The results were the following
PC: Tory 53%, Ford 45%, Chow 2%
Libs: Tory 52%, Ford 23%, Chow 22%
NDP: Ford 36%, Chow 31, Tory 25%

Ford is a populist on the most part. He appeals to disenfranchised aholes who blame everybody else for their lot in life. Now there's A LOT OF conservatives who feel that way, but also a lot of NDP as well. The NDP especially provincially is a shell of what we think they were or what they stand for. They spend the last term whining for car owners because their insurgence is to high (seriously which Mayor candidate does that sound like) . We all think Ford is anti-union but believe me Ford seems to have no problem making unnecessary projects to be able to put money right into construction union pockets.

Remember last election when Joey Pants fell off (like most third place candidates do) to the low teens, those votes didn't necessary go to Smitherman, a lot went to Ford.
only person who keeps bringing up "death's door" and "on his deathbed" is you. The Ford family is optimistic "Rob is strong, he will beat this, etc". The Fords are doing some milking, but a lot of people are inexplicably helping them.

And as Pink Lucy said, the chemo is not that debilitating. The "privacy" sham is exposed much more by the 'selfie' on St Clair (while Wormington claims he had beg for a photo) than by him being out and about. Apparently thousands of other chemo patients are "allowed to leave the house" and do so regularly, but this weird insistence that he needs to stay indoors persists around here.

Well, it's a funny thing, Kat. After reading this oh-so thoughtful response of yours' to my last post, I went out for a walk, and what did I see? Why, what else but the latest edition of the Toronto Sun. It's not something I generally go searching for, but it happened to catch my eye this time when moving past one of their newspaper boxes. And whatever was on the front page, you ask? Why, another Sun "exclusive" interview (the 105th over the past few months alone, it would seem) being hyped with a certain fatass, including a big ol' picture of the man, large as life and twice as ugly. The headline was "Tough Days" (nothing self-pitying about that), with a sub-headline: "Ford talks about chemo, making a will and getting back to work." That last part is a particular scream, wouldn't y'all say? Yeah, I'll just bet Ford can't wait to get back to "work." Those 3 hour work weeks are so taxing, aren't they?

But best of all was a quote from the man himself, printed directly on the front cover: "It's not easy at 45 to have to go and make a will but I did."

So, right you are, Kat! Obviously, I'm the only one bringing up the possibility of Ford being on his deathbed! He isn't, his family isn't, and his usual propaganda sources aren't! Oh, except when they do, that is...Then again, I daresay that's the "some milking" you were so magnanimously willing to concede. Very big of you, I'm sure. Tell me, is this little sob story being screeched from the front page of Toronto's premiere far right propaganda sheet part of that "some milking" you so generously condescended to acknowledge?

As for all "this weird insistence that he needs to stay indoors" that "persists around here" - nice distortion of that point, by the way - nobody's insisting Ford hide out at Stately Slob Manor. Those of us annoyed by this little scheme are merely pointing out the inconsistencies involved in the Fords exploiting the illness for dramatic effect ("Respect our privacy!" "Robbie's got cancer, so vote fer us!") while Little Orphan Fordie lah-de-dahs around the city, acting the same as always, and as shameless as ever. He even ramped up his normal bad taste quota, astonishingly enough, with that selfie in front of a deadly accident scene. But there's nothing to see here, right? Move along, folks, move along.

I get that you don't want the regulars here going off the deep end with the Ford criticisms because it damages our credibility, Kat, and I can appreciate that. But you're wrong in this instance, as the front page of today's Sun so hilariously proves.
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betsy powell @powellbetsy
He walked in very slowly with a small entourage. I believe Ward 2 council candidates are taping a debate at the moment

Ward 2 debate airs on Rogers TV tomorrow night at 10pm
RoFo left as fast as he showed up, said he wasn't feeling well. Wtf. Is he nuts? It's already flu season, he's not feeling well and has to leave as soon as he shows up. He's going to end up in hospital before his next chemo session.
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