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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Seriously, the left complained and the right stayed silent when Eves became an appointed premier. Now the left is quiet and the right is up in arms since Wynne became premier. Simple conclusion: we're all partisan.

I don't remember anyone complaining when Eves became premier. Probably because we were getting rid of Harris.

We've seen enough party leadership changes in the past few decades (Mulroney/Campbell, Martin/Chretien, Harris/Eves, etc.), that the Wynne issue is truly coming across as a Benghazi-level righteous indignation faux-scandal.
Mammo seems to be off the Ford bus while still trying to hedge with the rehab option.

His tone has definitely changed, but he does sort of have a point regarding rehab (not turning your back on addict, etc). But I don't think Mammo actually thinks Ford's career can be saved at this point. Although the level of delusion we've seen the past few weeks, maybe I'm wrong.
Listening to Slob and Thug threaten to sue. Am wondering when torstar, Donovan and Doolittle will launch their slander/ defamation suits against the moronic duo?

With that piss poor, gutless response?

HAHA. "We strongly urge him to consider the tragic consequences that can occur when someone drives impaired," said the organization to the man who pulled over on the side of the road, chugged a mickey of vodka in under two minutes, and then kept driving with passengers.
Don Peat ‏@reporterdonpeat 4m
Councillors now talking about a 3rd special council meeting - this one would debate cutting the mayor's office budget

What happens when he no longer has staffers to shield him?
Ironically, there are french-speakers in both of those areas. Montreal has seen several exoduses since the 1960's, in some part because of language laws, but a shift in the Quebec economy has been the issue of late. During the language issues/constitutional issues of the late 80s, many bilinguals moved across the border into Ontario. Previously, many bilinguals moved out of Quebec after the October crisis (though mostly Anglo-as-a-first-language).

Quebec's economic issues can't be ignored. Toronto is currently seeing a big influx of French speakers coming here for the "decent jobs". Even entry-level call bi-lingual call centre jobs are being moved here. Air Canada too moved some of their operations to Toronto this year.

An article on the exodus phenomenon here:

Hah I know and I know it's protocol I was just being a dick. :)
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