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Rob Ford's Toronto

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better vid here - [video] 2777611670635249_Gk6zd9U_lmFaAsR48Q6KbaANW6gNYQjvg jF.3LDQMqrf.dE2sZjj5FMN46bzqepW.mp4?versionId=L6v8 t8tBgpEXyv9TkgAMEphU28.HbGHN[/video]

That's a different incident and security person
That's a bit misleading. If that were the case, then why was Belinda Stronach allowed to cross the floor from Conservative to Liberal? Should people in that riding be entitled to a by-election?

Yeah, technically they should. When people voted her in, she represented one party. Switching to another can upset the elected balance of parliament. Myself, I'm quite against "crossing the floor" when holding a seat.
Seriously, the left complained and the right stayed silent when Eves became an appointed premier. Now the left is quiet and the right is up in arms since Wynne became premier. Simple conclusion: we're all partisan.
Niagara Falls is the closest US airport to Toronto.

Spirit is the RyanJet of the US, and like RyanJet, Spirit cuts costs as much as possible. Niagara Falls International is a very cheap airport to fly out of.

Sure, but a 2 hour trip at highway speeds is required to get to Toronto, with a stop in customs on the way out of the country. It's pretty ridiculous to say it's "Toronto" when it's in an entirely different country and is that great a distance away.
Why did he bring his wife?

Oh, so another nothing statement and then he subjects his wife to the media crush needlessly?

Best guess is that Rob is in deep poop with his wife regarding the prostitute thing. To establish innocence he might be deflecting (again) towards the media that's been harassing him daily. His "I'm extremely extremely sorry" sympathy card might just work with his family. One can just imagine him saying to her, "now look at how far their lies have gone. What next? You've got to come down to the office honey and just see what I have to put up with". On exiting after the press conference he chooses to bravely lead her through the huge media throng rather than via a safer route. Tough going for someone who appears introverted. Looks like he's making her live first hand this hell of his choosing. Takes some of the heat way from the hooker subject, don't you think? Poor Robbie.
Premier's Statement on City of Toronto

November 14, 2013

Premier Kathleen Wynne released the following statement regarding the ongoing situation in the City of Toronto:

"As I have said from day one, we have been watching this situation closely and listening carefully. Events obviously continue to move quickly. The things we are seeing and hearing about Mayor Rob Ford are truly disturbing. Yesterday, City Council voted to request the mayor take a leave of absence.

As Premier of Ontario, the principles that are guiding me on this issue are as follows:

One, the City of Toronto has a mayor and council that were elected by the residents of Toronto and must be accountable to them. It is up to the municipal level of government to address the issues they face. It is not the provincial government's role, nor its intention to impose its preferences upon that government.

Two, Toronto City Council has to be able to function.

Three, if council were to clearly indicate that they lack the ability to function as a result of this matter, the province would respond to a request from council to be provided new tools, depending on what that request might be.

Four, because of the extraordinary and unique nature of this type of intervention, I would consult with the other party leaders to see if our legislature could move unanimously if required.

The last thing this terrible situation needs is a layer of partisan politics. Within Ontario's legislature and across this city, we all have to stand together to represent the best interests of the people.

At every level, your government is here to serve you.

Toronto is a great city in an amazing province. We have a proud history and a bright future.

Toronto is greater than one politician or one government. Ontario is greater than one politician or one government.

I understand that people are affected by what is happening at this moment.

But I want the people of Toronto to know that we will not be defined by this.

And we will all work together to ensure the people's interests are served."
More than consult, she wants consensus. I don't know if that means there would need to be a unanimous vote in the legislature or not though. It would probably make sense. Then Hudak couldn't say at some future point, well, I didn't support the province intervening in municipal affairs.

She's set the bar high. I think she said consensus on council as well.
She said "clearly indicate" in terms of council, unanimous in terms of legislature.
Perhaps this should be RoFo's campaign video
What did Wynne say? I missed the English only caught the French (because yeah, that's useful to us in Toronto. I get it, bilingual province. But do you think Cornwall or the Ottawa Valley really gives a fuck?)

Ironically, there are french-speakers in both of those areas. Montreal has seen several exoduses since the 1960's, in some part because of language laws, but a shift in the Quebec economy has been the issue of late. During the language issues/constitutional issues of the late 80s, many bilinguals moved across the border into Ontario. Previously, many bilinguals moved out of Quebec after the October crisis (though mostly Anglo-as-a-first-language).

Quebec's economic issues can't be ignored. Toronto is currently seeing a big influx of French speakers coming here for the "decent jobs". Even entry-level call bi-lingual call centre jobs are being moved here. Air Canada too moved some of their operations to Toronto this year.

An article on the exodus phenomenon here:
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She said "clearly indicate" in terms of council, unanimous in terms of legislature.

She didn't say consensus with respect to the city. I suppose that would be rather hard to achieve with Mammolitti and brother Ford on council.

She's clearly looking for consensus at the provincial level though.
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