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Roads: Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration (City of Toronto, UC)

All traffic currently using the Bloor/Dundas/Kipling Interchange ramps will be directed to the newly constructed Dundas Street West effective February 24, 2019. Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists please be aware and obey the new traffic movements, signs and signals.'s still an invitation to disaster for a cyclist with any sense of wishing to live. I never cycled through the way it was before (I used the trail/path to the north, crossed Kipling as a pedestrian, and rejoined the old alignment to the west) to avoid the madness of mindless minion headed drivers before, I'll still have to avoid them with the 'new improved' layout.

What happened to your sense of 'Dane and Dutch intuitive cycle safety sense' Walter? Danes and Dutchmen would absolutely cringe at this. For good reason.
That throws salt on the wounded sidewalks! In all fairness, that area will green up (one only hopes) a lot more than Square One ever has (or will it seems). Today was spectacular sunshine. My sights are far beyond Square One, it's bad enough even having to change buses there.

You never know, but it is showing signs of greening up.
Out of interest but also to have a historical record of the Six points interchange pre and post change over, is anyone going to take videos and pictures of the live traffic flow before the lane closures on February 24?

It would be great if we could compare the old traffic flow with the final completion of the interchange in 2020/2021 to show how forward thinking and how progress was made by the City of Toronto to improve the quality of life of current and future residents.

I know some may disagree with this statement and people like to criticize any city led initiative to make our city more functional but I have to give the city decision makers credit for purchasing the Westwood land many years ago and taking the next step in city planning when the time was right.
I can.
The Jersey Barriers are in the process of being remove, west of Kipling tonight.

All the fencing is now gone, except for the missing sidewalk by the condo driveway.

Bobcats were removing snow off the new road early today. Still some snow and ice on Dunbloor, but not as much I last saw it. Both ends block with snow.

Guild Electric was working on the control box. Noticed the centre traffic light on Dunbloor have a light on both side of the pole now.
Will there some type of ceremony for the partial opening of the interchange this weekend? Has the media been invited?

It seems too quiet for this major event...

Ceremony? What's so ceremonal? Just kidding, now that the 1950s cloveleafs, interchanges and bridges are half gone, the automobile gods will be mad, but the rest of us will be very happy. Even transit users on the 45, 30, 46, 945, etc, will see change here. Real change to push the automobile gods OFF the road!
What I'm looking forward to is that the new posted speed limit is 40km/h.

Cars have been speeding through this interchange like 80-90km/h and higher with no police enforcement to curb the speeders.


Loving these in particular, really captures the barren spirit of car-centric Metro days. Awesome shots drum.
Feb 23
My final drive on the Flyovers.
You do so much driving but don't have a dash cam??

Traffic is on the new alignment as of this morning. But with those super high winds later things may get interesting.
Don't own a car and rent one when I need one. The person who car I was driving is picking up a new car on Friday. The dash cam I want can't be transfer from one car to another.

I lost the tripod at the end of our first eastbound trip on Dundas today and didn't try shooting a westbound trip because of the tripod as well going south on Kipling.

OH!! Monday is going to be a laughing day, watching drivers trying to use this new road as well spending an extra 5 minutes dealing with traffic and traffic lights.
When the weather cooperated today, I took a walk on the decommissioned roads, ramps and overpasses. It sure felt unusual yet cool that you can foresee the major changes this neighbourhood will be going through...
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