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GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

It's basically a modern version of an Amshack. Simple, modular design (with the Metrolinx black) that includes a waiting area, service counter, and washrooms. Other new or renovated stations feature this design, at different scales, like Rutherford and Bramalea. Some of these buildings include stairs and elevator to an underpass, some have doors leading to train or bus platforms, some have a kiosk space attached, some are attached to a parking garage.

But they're all the same basic design now: squat and black, with roof overhangs and big glass windows. The 1990s and early 2000s favoured a pomo design (Mount Pleasant, King City, Mount Joy, the old Rutherford Station) with minor differences in size and amenities.

The pomo might have been a bit cliche at times, but was better, overall than the Amshack concept
It reminds me of GO Transit buildings from the 70s and 80s. Small, rectangular, and dark metal panelling. Rouge Hill GO has a surviving example of this style with some modifications.
I expect this will turn out looking almost identical to Agincourt GO, which is not horrendous, but not great. Hopefully the entrance door frames and windows are not dark as the rendering suggests but are more similar to Agincourt GO to make the entrance obvious from a distance and the building more inviting in general.
I am mostly relieved that the structure is not ostentatious.

We will figure out how to transition GO stations to useful community hubs eventually. (For the record, even commuter stations in the Netherlands have parking lots).

I strongly recommend the book Metropolitan Corridor by John R Stilgoe - a thoughtful look at how form and function came together in urban commuter rail stations in an earlier era.

- Paul

PS: They don't make depots like they used to.

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Donate some art or something to a station, don't put your name on it. This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have seen Metrolinx do ever.
A 10-year deal!? Can that be stopped? I am genuinely scared for future naming deals, and I hope this backlash gets them to scrap the idea. Do we sponsor roads? Is there a Burger King Highway 401? This is a slap in the face for transit riders, treated like second class citizens by Doug Ford.
New Niagara schedule is out. Kinda sucks that you have to take a bus in one direction unless you want to spend 8 hours at the falls now:

Effective Saturday, October 15, year-round service to Niagara Falls continues, with some adjustments:

On weekends and holidays, trips to Niagara Falls will depart Union Station at 10:07 a.m. and 5:07 p.m.

  • Trips from Niagara Falls to Union Station will depart at 1:07 p.m. and 8:07 p.m.
  • These trips will not serve St. Catharines GO due to track work needed for the local Welland Canal bridge rehabilitation project.

Always check our website before travelling to ensure you have the latest schedule information.
Lots of improvements are happening, but they really are (at least) five years behind whats needed right now.

Guelph and Kitchener are always packed on Fridays with the lack of weekend service, I wish everyone had an equal opportunity to travel at their discretion instead of having to plan around inadequate public service.

Photo from today.

Really? We're doing this every other weekend forever now? I wanted to visit my parents in Brampton tomorrow but I guess I'll wait until Sunday since it'll take twice as long on Saturday. Hopefully they don't randomly do the Port Credit diversion on Sunday too.

Also, I can't easily find any information about this on their are people supposed to plan their weekends?
Some more new October 11 schedules are out. Big service cuts for Stouffville GO trains on weekends; there's only 10 trains per day in each direction, rather than 15.

On the Kitchener line, they've added a minute eastbound between Kitchener and Guelph, and 17 minutes (eastbound) between London and Kitchener; they've only added 10 minutes westbound. London to Union is now 4 hours and 13 minutes in each direction.