Toronto is currently in the middle of a record building boom. In the last decade or so, the skyline has expanded rapidly as large numbers of condominium and office buildings have been constructed throughout the downtown core. This boom shows no signs of stopping, and today what will be some of the tallest buildings in the city are under construction. Last month we listed the Top Ten Buildings Proposed for Toronto, but today we present a list of the 10 tallest buildings currently being built in the city.

10. E Condos

The shortest of the top ten developments on our list, E Condos is still tall. While the other 9 buildings on the list are located within the downtown, E condos is currently under construction by Bazis further north, at Yonge and Eglinton. Set to hit 194 metres and 58 floors, the condominium tower will change the face of the intersection and future Midtown transit hub. The first of a bunch of extremely tall buildings proposed for the area, The Rosario Varacalli designed development will have a distinctive amenity level roughly 2/5ths of the way up the tower, with a unique pool with a view over the street below. 

E Condos will be the tallest building in the Yonge and Eglinton area, image courtesy of Bazis

9. Bay Adelaide East

The second building in the 3 tower Bay Adelaide complex, Bay Adelaide East, will rise 44 floors and 196 metres. The Bay Adelaide development has an up-and-down history, dating back to 1991 when a large office building was stopped in its tracks with its elevator core 6 floors up. The concrete shell remained for 15 years before being demolished in 2005 for its replacement, the first phase of the Bay Adelaide centre we know today. It's been all on-the-up since then and the building under construction today, designed KPMB Architects, has topped off. The Brookfield Multiplex building will reach completion to house its primary tenant, Deloitte, by the end of the year.

Bay Adelaide East will bring Deloitte to Yonge Street, image courtesy of Brookfield

8. YC Condominiums

This Canderel development just north of College and Yonge will rise 198 metres. Designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects and containing 63 floors, the development will bring some additional height to an area that is currently dominated by Aura, Canada's tallest residential building. Shoring is currently underway on the development, which means we have a long way to go before we see completion in 2019. 

YC Condominiums will rise above Yonge and College, image courtesy of Canderel

7. 88 Scott

Located on the east end of the CBD and designed by Page+Steele / IBI Group Architects, 88 Scott is set to provide 58 floors of large luxury condominium residences rising 204 metres into the sky. Currently having its parking levels poured, the development by Concert Properties will integrate a heritage 1930s limestone office building façade in its base, and add additional round-the-clock population to the CBD which is currently well known for quieting down after business hours.

88 Scott will rise 204 metres above the financial district, image courtesy of Concert

6. The Residences of 488 University

The Residences of 488 University, designed by Core Architects, will rise 207 metres. Possibly the most interesting development on the list in terms of engineering, the development will feature 37 new floors of condominiums constructed on top of an existing 18 floor office building. Through the use of new X bracing on the side of the office tower, Amexon Development has allowed the new condominium tower to be constructed above. While currently only interior demolition on the existing office tower is occurring, expect to see much more action on this development as it approaches tentative occupancy in November of 2017.

The Residences of 488 University Avenue will be constructed atop an existing office building, image courtesy of Amexon

5. Massey Tower

Massey Tower, a 208 metre, 60 floor condominium, is currently in the excavation phase. Located on Yonge Street just north of Queen, the development includes the restoration of a historic bank building as well as a significant community benefits contribution in the form of a land transfer to Massey Hall, the development's namesake. The developer, MOD developments, has recently received positive reviews of its heritage preservation on its other project, Five St. Joseph,  so we look forward to seeing this Hariri Pontarini Architects-designed project completed in 2018.

Massey tower will rise above a historic bank building, image courtesy of MOD developments

4. Ten York

Directly beside #3 on our list is Ten York. A unique, triangular lot, Tridel's 224 metre, 68 floor condominium, designed by Wallman Architects, replaces the old downtown city impound lot. The triangular lot will result in a unique tower with an impressionable look for those traveling westbound on the Gardiner expressway in the future. While construction workers are still only pouring the parking levels for this development, it will certainly be an exciting building to see completed in 2017.

Ten York will tower over the Gardiner expressway, image courtesy of Tridel

3. Harbour Plaza Residences

Currently rising just above the podium levels, these two towers on the waterfront will rise 224 and 233 metres each, the shorter one tying 4th place Ten York, and the taller one our third place development. Along with the 35-storey Sun Life Financial Centre Tower, this Menkes development is one of the largest projects in the city today. The two architectsAlliance-designed condominium towers will count 62 and 66 floors, adding significant residential density to the rapidly growing South Core area. With a direct PATH connection, extensive amenities, and proximity to the waterfront, the demand to live here is obviously strong. 

The Two condominium towers will rise with an additional office building, image courtey of Menkes Developments

2. Ïce Condominiums

The Second tallest building under construction in the city today won't be under construction for much longer. Designed by architectsAlliance and built by Lanterra Developments, the pair of towers will be some of the tallest in the city. The shorter of the two buildings has already been seeing residents moving in for a few months, while the taller east building in the development isn't far behind. Rising 234 metres, it takes the number two spot on our list.

The two Ice towers rise 234 and 202 meters, image courtesy of Lanterra

1. One Bloor East

One Bloor is possibly the longest running development in the city, with the first renderings for an earlier version by another owner appearing on our forum in 2001. The third time's a charm though and this incarnation by Great Gulf with a design by Hariri Pontarini Architects is finally set to reach completion next year. Rising 257 metres, the building will tower over Yonge and Bloor. Although it beats out the next tallest building in the area—the Four Seasons—by over 50 metres, it could have more competition in the future with the newly proposed "The One", directly across the street, which could hit a dizzying 328 metres as currently proposed. One Bloor East will contain 73 floors of condominiums stacked on top of 2 floors of retail. With a direct connection to two subway lines, it's the perfect place for Toronto's tallest building under construction.

One Bloor will tower over Yonge and Bloor, Image courtesy of Great Gulf

That concludes our list of the ten tallest buildings currently under construction in the city, if you would like to learn more about any of the developments mentioned, feel free to click on any of their database links below. If you would like to share your thoughts, you can join in on the discussion in any of the associated Projects and Construction threads (where you'll also be able to find recent shots of progress), or you can always comment in the space provided on this page.

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