TUCKER HIRISE Construction
40 projects  :  33 complete  |  6 under construction  |  1 pre-construction

Raising the Bar. Founded in 2002, Tucker HiRise is a leading construction firm in the GTA. We are experts in the development, pre-construction and construction of complex high-profile residential and mixed-used projects. Technology is in our DNA - as one of the first companies in Canada to truly leverage BIM and VDC in Construction for logistics, site planning, clash detection, and efficient project delivery, Tucker has built an industry leading team paired with cutting-edge technology granting unparalleled ability to foresee and resolve issues on site. Our newest development, the ThinkLab platform, allows these abilities to saturate through all departments and stages of construction to define and create unique processes which substantially mitigate risk. A total of 15,000 units built today.

Address 351 King Street East 13th Floor, Toronto , Ontario, M5A 0L6, Canada
Phone 416-441-2730