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The world is changing. Facebook has downed dictators. Communication happens in 140 characters or less. Local has trumped global. Individuality is the golden ticket. Reaching and relating to today's audience is more competitive and complex than ever before. To be successful requires new thinking. Not just out of the box, but out of the ballpark. That's where we come in. L.A. Inc. is a multi-disciplinary branding and design company, based in Toronto, Canada. We work in print, broadcast, graphic and environmental design and online - the standard stuff - but we also branch out. That's new thinking. We work in whatever way we can to intrigue, entice and reach your consumer. Chalk drawings? We've done those. A sign 50-storeys in the air? Done that too. We don't limit ourselves to a strict set of services, instead we look for the big idea, for that one special hook that takes the brief, the product, the market and the audience, and wraps them all up with a neat (okay, sometimes messy) little bow. Our best work isn't just our great design or great writing (although we do those very well) - it's the great strategy and thinking that supports them. We love working with adventurous dynamos and they love working with us, because we like what we do and we have fun doing it. You can see some of those in our Collaborators section and if you're interested in joining that list, contact us and get in touch.

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