UrbanToronto's growing body of Forum contributors have been keeping a close eye on the construction progress of Great Gulf HomesOne Bloor East. When we last visited the 75-storey, Hariri Pontarini-designed condominium development, the building's standout glazing was starting to make a big impact from ground level. In the time since, a number of Forum contributors with offices and residences overlooking the site have become regular posters in the One Bloor East project thread, and today we examine the construction of this landmark project through the elevated vantage points they have around the development.

To the south of One Bloor, Forum contributor 'waterscapes-guy' has a great view of the site from his condominium unit at Casa. The views look out onto not just the growing tower portion, but provide an expansive look at the south side of the podium as well. Below you can see a view of the site as it appeared on June 7th.

Aerial view of One Bloor East from the southeast, image by Forum contributor waterscapes-guy

Zooming in closer on this unobstructed view of One Bloor, we can see curved concrete atop the building's southern podium which will form a future edge of the 7th floor's landscaped terrace.

Curved section of concrete atop the southern podium, image by Forum contributor waterscapes-guy

For a better understanding of how this concrete edge will translate to the finished product, we turn to a diagram of the 7th floor amenity space. Look to the lower right side and you'll see that curve separating the garden from the deck, and you can pick out the top of the staircase too.

Diagram of One Bloor East's 7th level amenity area, image courtesy of Great Gulf Homes

For a more direct look at the work happening up top, we turn to Forum contributor 'hawc', who overlooks the site from his office in the adjacent Xerox Centre at 33 Bloor Street East. Hawc snapped some great photos of the project on June 13th, including this forest of rebar going in to create the next tower floor and walls.

Aerial view of One Bloor East's tower portion forming, seen from the east, image by Forum contributor hawc

This vantage point also provides a close-up view of One Bloor's podium with its curving balconies below.

View of One Bloor East from the neighbouring Xerox Centre to the east, image by Forum contributor hawc

Zooming in even further on these balconies, we can see how two different glazing solutions have been taken to the inside corner. On the lower floors where a wider curve is called for, the windows are split up as they step around the corner. On the upper floor, however, a tighter corner has been achieved with one piece of curved glass. It's a nice (and not inexpensive) touch in a spot that most people won't see… but we're watching of course!

Detail shot of curved balconies facing south and east, image by Forum contributor hawc

To the west of the project, Forum contributor 'Benito' has a great view overlooking the site from his new condo at The Uptown. The view from the west side of the development provides an amazing vantage point above the undulating terraces which face Yonge Street. Benito has been providing frequent updates over the past few weeks, including these most recent photos from June 17th.

Aerial view of One Bloor East from the west, image by Forum contributor Benito

Zooming in even closer, we get a great perspective of work on the complicated task of forming and pouring the building's tower floors. In the images above and below, the tower section's growth since the start of the month is apparent.

Aerial view of One Bloor East's tower portion forming, seen from the west, image by Forum contributor Benito

Finally, in the most up-to-date image below, posted by Forum contributor 'LNahid2000', we can see the One Bloor East site as it appeared yesterday afternoon. Notice that between the image above and LNahid2000's, all of the floor forms for the 12th storey have been put in place, while the wall forms are all neatly stacked on the east podium roof and are waiting to be lifted as soon as they are needed again.

Aerial view of One Bloor East from the north, image by Forum contributor LNahid2000

LNahid2000's image comes from an almost identical location as where one of the development's market renderings was captured. Comparing the image above with the rendering below, we get a better idea of how the completed development will look.

Rendering of One Bloor East, image courtesy of Great Gulf Homes

Additional information and renderings can be found in our One Bloor East dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave your comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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