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TTC: Flexity Streetcars Testing & Delivery (Bombardier)

4532 tracking and testing in the east end

4534 is now tracking and out in the east end doing its 2nd set of in service testing

4535 in the service bay

4533 was under its own power on Queen last night at Church as it headed to the Barns for the first time.

Riders were upset with the other person on the car not in uniform and they had a right. TTC keeps telling riders to keep their feet off the seats, yet in full view of the public this other person had their feet up on the seat playing with their cell phone.

Have a photo of the car, but not the person with their feet on the seat
I saw an in-service 504 (can't remember if it was a Dufferin Gate or Dundas West) heading north on Connaught the other day around 6 pm or so, for what that's worth. I haven't really seen many in the yard though - but I haven't been looking for them.

The occasional Flexity stops by Russell it seems these days, though Flexities have yet to dispatched from there.

Except when it isn't. Most Flexitiy's don't go west of Humber, but they do on occasion. There's even been the oddball one on 501L if I remember correctly.

Here's a Leslie to Long Branch run by 4492 last week -

Well that was a through 501 run. But they generally speaking, aren't operating west of Humber during the midday. They are all between Neville and Humber (for now!)
4534 has enter service on 510 (kg510) after 11 days, considering it sat in the yard 2 days before going into the service bay on Sunday for final prep. It was back out on the in service yard a few hours later.

4532 is out testing. Been here 10 days

4533 still not tracking. Been here 6 days

4535 has been in the service bay the last few days after spend a fair amount of testing. Been here 7 day.
Of course, by the time TTC publishes the (January) data, it's two months out of date - I wonder how it's done since then.

Also the need to make the graphs in the monthly report a bit smaller - they are still legible! :)

4533 is at the gate to leave the yard for its first test run

Car is at the Roncesvalles Yard

March 27 at Church St after being off loaded
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4537 was off loaded today

4536 is now tracking

All the other cars are in the service bay. 4533 & 35 were out testing yesterday and night.

4471 has shipped to NY April 3rd.