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TTC: Flexity Streetcars Testing & Delivery (Bombardier)

Or are was the goal too high? When they drill down, most of the failures seem relatively minor, for door issues, rather than vehicles breaking down in the middle of a run. The only time I've had to bail out of one of the new streetcars was for an accident ahead - unlike the CLRVs which simply stopped moving from time to time!

And I've seen many traffic jams caused by broken-down CLRVs - the Flexity ones I've seen have been because of traffic accidents.

What are they reporting in Waterloo and Ottawa for mileage between failures on their new vehicles? Both now seem to be running a relatively regular schedule in testing, so they should be starting to generate some data.
There is more than door issues that caused the failure rate. What do you expect with 30 year plus old cars that break down on route when it was design wrong in the first place???

Wasn't impress with BBD products in Europe and not impress what we have.

As for other systems, how can you rate failure rate when the systems have yet to start running???

Based on past track record for TTC products, wouldn't want them building more trains/trams for TTC.
Ah I see. I thought it was 4571 and 4572 that had previously come from Kingston. But it's 4572 and 4573. So was the earlier info that 4571 (and 4570) were being built in Kingston incorrect?

I suspect that the source of the info that suggested that 4570 and up were coming from Kingston was mistaken.

4537 is tracking and has been reported it was out testing before tracker turn on yesterday.

All 5 test cars are in the service bay.
Tomorrow will see another car off loaded at Hillcrest and 4405 will be place on that delivery flat to be ship to QC

4536 is out testing on Shaw St as I post. 4537 is southbound on Bathurst coming from St Clair.
4535 has enter service on 504 (br504A) after 12 days being here

4533 has enter service on 504 (br504A) after 16 days been here as it been in the yard the last 20 hours

4532 still in the service bay after being here 20 days

4536 been out all night testing. Still on 509

It will be interesting to see if the flat taking 4405 to QC will be bring back one of the cars already there in May. What every brought back will undergo inspection and the standard burn in testing for all new cars. Never know it could be 4401 returning as a production car and will finally enter service in late May or June. It left Hillcrest on June 17, 2018.
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And 4474 was at Lampton yesterday.
You mean 4574 as 4474 enter service May 08, 2018
^ Apologies, you're correct. Typo on my part.

Here's a picture of it.



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^ Apologies, you're correct. Typo on my part.

Here's a picture of it.
It happens to all of us at one point or another and not a big deal.
I personally would love to see the TTC operate their cars with a PHONOGRAPH
Going to have to wait until 2020/21 before all routes are ready for pans. Maybe 2021/22 will see the removal of the poles and become a thing of the past.