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Thanks. Yea I found it very interesting.

I know you post a lot about the waterfront and generally you don't get too many replies but I really appreciate it !

Its such a large beast it hard to keep track of whats going on.

I think the general mass population in the GTA (including this form) still aren't overly excited about this, it'll change once we start to see the residential / commercial areas develop.

At one point there was a plan for a cultural facility of some sort in the portlands, hopefully they keep perusing that.
In case AoD feels underappreciated, I appreciate it too! This thread is always the first I turn to because there's so many interesting projects.

I notice about half that CEO report is devoted to Government Relations / Media Relations activities. I guess that is directed at getting Doug Ford to shut up. But maybe it will cause the general public to take notice of the great things happening down at the waterfront too.
I happened to be on Queen's Quay this weekend between York and Spadina, and noticed that the TTC have a bulldozer parked on the ROW as well as number of "bundles" of new tracks. This is either very good news (the revitalization is finally getting under way) or very bad news (the TTC will replace the existing tracks, and nothing else on Queen's Quay will change in the foreseeable future). Does anyone know what's up?
Wouldn't this be related to the emergency repairs that have had streetcar service replaced by buses since April 16th? Full service is scheduled to be restored May 7th (well, all the track should be running - all Spadina (510) service will be running only from Spadina station to Spadina/Queens Quay until the construction starts on the rebuild. 509 cars will run from Union to Exhibition, with many short-turning at Spadina. (perhaps that is a better way to run the Spadina route anyhow, given all the service complaints north of Queens Quay).

The bundles of new track are interesting though - will they still be there next week?

I'd think we are still a few months from a construction start, or they wouldn't have stopped the service for 3 weeks to do repairs!
Thanks nfitz, you're entirely correct. Looking back a few posts, I see that this construction has already been well documented and explained - apologies for not noticing. Here's hoping that the revitalization gets started sometime this summer.
The new tracks are interesting though ... have they really been replacing that much track? Or are they stockpiling, and this IS the first sign of the upcoming construction?
That section from York to Spadina was in really bad shape; the streetcar had to crawl along there, particularly going west, and it rocked. I suspect they're replacing all of that section. Previous repairs have only closed down the tracks for a couple of days at a time. I think they've finally given up waiting and just went ahead and did it this time.
The new tracks are interesting though ... have they really been replacing that much track? Or are they stockpiling, and this IS the first sign of the upcoming construction?

From what I saw on Thurs, this is for the current work.

In a lot of ways, a real waste of money.

If this was for the new systems, a lots of sleepers would be store along the street.

Will post a photo shortly that I shot on Thurs after I get it fix and up loaded. It shows how rough this area is that will be fix shortly.

Until Hydro and Bell do their work, the north side cannot be touch and this includes the tracks, as some of it will be shifted from its current location.
From the April 2012 WT Newsletter:

Queens Quay Revitalization Update

The revitalization of Queens Quay in the Central Waterfront is starting with Bell and Toronto Hydro infrastructure upgrades and expansion this spring. The long required utility upgrades are being coordinated by Waterfront Toronto as part of the overall reconstruction of Queens Quay. The goal of this coordinated effort is to streamline construction, achieve efficiencies where possible and avoid the need for intrusive construction activities once the new roadway and public realm are complete.

Starting in mid-May, Bell will be building new conduits and chambers between Rees and York Streets. Work will occur mainly on the north sidewalk and at some perpendicular crossings on Queens Quay. Work on the sidewalk and roadway is expected to be complete in three months.

Later this spring, Toronto Hydro plans to begin construction aimed at improving reliability and providing capacity for future developments along the waterfront. Toronto Hydro will undertake its work in three phases in coordination with Waterfront Toronto. Scheduling is currently underway to determine where phase one will begin. Waterfront Toronto’s construction on the roadway will begin this summer. The construction schedule, staging plans and timing are under review pending final decisions related to utility upgrades. These decisions will be finalized in May.

Waterfront Toronto will hold a public meeting and open house to review the detailed construction staging plan and schedule in early June. In the meantime, Waterfront Toronto continues to work closely with business and resident representatives on the Queens Quay Construction Liaison Committee. Their input and feedback have been instrumental in the development of draft schedules.

The transformation of Queens Quay from Yo Yo Ma Lane – just west of Spadina Avenue – to Bay Street is expected to take about two years to complete. This includes the replacement of TTC infrastructure, all utility upgrades and Waterfront Toronto’s work to revitalize the corridor.

TTC Update
TTC is undertaking track repairs at various locations on Queens Quay until May 7, 2012. These interim repairs east of Spadina Avenue will enable the safe operation of streetcars until the tracks are realigned and rebuilt during the revitalization of Queens Quay. During this period bus service will replace the streetcar. Read TTC’s construction notice for detailed information.

Thanks AoD, that certainly explains what is going on. I have been excited about this project for years...hopefully this summer we finally see things start to happen!!
New tracks are going in the tunnel

I think this TTC page has been updated recently.

I've seen this part before:

"Starting Monday, April 16, through to Monday, May 7, 2012, TTC track staff will be will be carrying out rail repairs to the streetcar right-of-way at various locations on the Queens Quay West between the Spadina loop and the tunnel ramp east of York Street. To accommodate this work, temporary service changes will be made to the 509 HARBOURFRONT and 510 SPADINA streetcar routes east of Spadina Avenue. This work is necessary to enable the safe operation of streetcars on the right-of-way until the Revitalization Project of Queens Quay West begins later this year."

I think this part was added:

"Additional Rail Preparation Work
For approximately 5 days at the end of April, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., the TTC will also conduct advance work in preparation of rail replacement inside the Harbourfront streetcar tunnel, scheduled for later this year. A welding truck will be parked at the north/east corner of Bay Street and Queens Quay and used to weld standard lengths of rail, stored in the tunnel, into longer strings. The welding cables from the truck will be fed down the staircase entrance to the Queens Quay Station. The welding truck will generate noise when it is in full operation."