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Toronto PATH Retail


Former Movenpick space in PATH at Brookfield Place
The other side of that hoarding shows that Dave's Hot Chicken will also be coming soon.
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Former Movenpick space in PATH at Brookfield Place

That place has an odd looking salad menu:


The caesar looks vaguely on point........

But apparently the people in Forest Hill eat Greek Salad on to which they dump balsamic dressing, which increases the value significantly. I'm not sure if anyone consulted any Greeks about this, but I think they might differ.

What are mushrooms and Mozzarella doing in anything branded 'BLT'?

I get the Spring Roll salad idea.

But Dunloe..........hold, it Goat Cheese w/Champagne vinegar? Hmmmm

Casa Loma salad is for those who l like a regular salad, except with Mexican influences.........and Greek Cheese? Not sure how that relates to Casa Loma, but if we're doing Mexican where is my Queso Fresco?

They're presentation is a bit peculiar too....... apparently 'Chic Salads' come less deconstructed, than pre-constructed, and one must blend one's own:


Menu and pic from their website:
A compostable bowl and/or proper ceramic plate/bowl for eat-in customers is the way to go in respect of the above.

But lets not lose sight of the fact they actually need to put a good salad together.

For eat-in customers, it should come tossed w/the dressing.

For to-go customers, the bowl/container needs to be oversized to allow the above.
I will probably try out Dave’s hot chicken, but those prices are a lot for salads and bowls, even in Toronto’s most expensive real estate.
Harveys is now completely gone from downtown Toronto. You have to go up to Dundas or south to Queen's Quay.

Not to stray too far off topic but Harveys is somewhat of a bust.

They were good in the 90s but now they are slowly disappearing. I personally feel like they are going the way of Arbys.