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Toronto PATH Retail

Great idea for its own thread. Thanks!

Assorted recent PATH updates: Nine West has reopened in FCP. Still no tenant for the old HMV spot. And the spot upstairs where allegedly Cactus Club will be opening still shows few signs of life. It's been under construction for nearly a year. Also, it looks like Baskits is back in the TD Centre in the spot that most recently held a watch shop.
Strangely enough, the Nestle at Bramalea closed recently the same way...

Wonder if that's chain wide?

If it is franchised, it might have the same owner. Meanwhile, the Nespresso cafe in Yorkville seems to be doing very well.
There's a Starbucks opening soon in Simcoe Place (just east of the food court). Should help a lot as both Wellington/John and RBC Dexia are crazy busy.



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I always find it amazing how much retail is in the PATH system ... what is it 1-2 million square foot ?

I don't work downtown, but whenever I do, I'm also as surprised to find just how busy most of the path is ... I wonder, how do rents compare to say street level ?
Anyone know how much retail if any will be in the new section of path going north west from Union?
Imagine if there was no PATH, how much more retail would be on the streets instead.

I've thought this through from time to time ... I don't think its a clear cut answer ... it may simply be, if there was no path, there would be much much less retail in the core period ... I'm not convinced it'd all be located externally.
For many many reasons, firstly, where ? Large office buildings never really have retail in the base (external retail) it just isn't common and you don't see it answer, so its not as if all the streats in the core could be lined with retail, and if they were, there isn't that much frontage available when you account for the very large lobbies.

In the other words, all the retail would likely exist in the form of a larger eaton center, or another mall ... so in some ways I don't mind the path system.