Toronto Eighty One Wellesley | 97.53m | 28s | Aragon Properties | Core Architects

Photos taken July 22, 2021:



One of the white precast panels is already smudged (visible in the second picture and much more visible in person) while the building is still under construction. I hope they'll clean it up and maintain the panels in pristine condition once the building is done. Otherwise we'll be looking at some very dirty panels in a few years.
Was in the area the other night and IMO this building feels good in the space. Not too imposing or anything, just feels like a city. At first I didn't even notice it because it just felt natural to be there. Maintaining fine grain is vital in the Village, but I think density like this can kinda frame the space nicely if done well.
Today. This building is certainly different. The precast panels will dominate the east and west facades, which are by far its longer sides. Neo-brutalism (although done with white precast panels instead of raw concrete)?

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I'm sure there's other examples out there, but yeah the side precast cladding does remind me of this brutalist building at the University of Washington in Seattle I once saw:

That white-wrapped Ontario government building will look like a part of the building when they install more precast on the east side.