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This building completely dominates the Gay Village. I'm thankful that at least it won't be grey. That would have been horrible. [for me]
Can I just point out how completely misleading the rendering of this building is. It makes the building look half the length it actually is. [north to south]

I may be in the minority here but for me, this building reinforces the low to mid-rise scale of the Village, particularly when looking north from around Alexander. It frames/encloses the Church streetscape in an interesting way that we don't see alot in Toronto. And I think the white cladding will somewhat alleviate the impact of the massing.
I suppose when it’s fully clad and when the southern half rises above the northern portion (starting on the 23rd floor I believe), it will break up the slab and create the impression that there are 2 towers.




Other than those two random spandrel panels (which are that terrible dull grey CORE loves to use), the podium looks surprisingly good. Promising so far and I'm encouraged by the fact that much of the tower is precast (as opposed to all window wall).
I wonder if the white is a nod to the building that previously occupied the site (go to the first page of this thread to see what it looked like).