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Toronto, Ontario, March 28, 2011 SPOT COFFEE (CANADA) LTD. (TSX-V: SPP) (“SPoT” or the
, 2011-
“Company”) is pleased to announce that it eighth new café is to be located in the urban
development of Concord Park Place in Toronto, Ontario (“SPoT Park Place”). SPoT Park Placewill be the Company’s eighth operating café and second location in Toronto. The announcement of this new café is significant as SPoT continues to build its North American brand strength and develop an increasing presence in the flourishing Toronto marketplace.

SPoT Park Place is located in the North York area of Toronto and is part of a new multi-condo urban development by well-known real estate developer Concord Adex. This all-inclusive urban known developer, all neighborhood development will be comprised of 20 buildings, high rise and mid rise, creating an neighborhood estimated 5,000 homes and having a residential population exceeding 290,000. The design of the
new development will focus around two main courtyards and an eight acre central park that will include a water park and a central community square for people to gather. The entire development will be connected via an intricate network of pedestrian pathways to form an all-inclusive neighborhood complete with various amenities such as shops and restaurants.

The new SPoT Park Place café w be located on the corner of a pedestrian courtyard, adjacent to the central neighborhood park. The 3,786 square feet café will feature an outdoor patio space, floor to ceiling windows, various styles of seating and will showcase a Tuscan style pizza parlor. The interior design of the café will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to create a sense of community and a place for people in the neighborhood to gather. A slightly raised staged floor willbe used for performers to entertain, while the work of various local artists will be featured in the
café. As part of the signature design element of all SPoT cafés, there will be a full size wall mural reflecting the characteristics of the surrounding Park Place community. The café will offer the acteristics complete signature SPoT menu including gourmet pizza, signature sandwiches, famous Belgian sandwiches,
waffles, SPoT’s own in-house roasted coffee, and the popular full day breakfast menu.
Additionally, there is a large free visitor’s parking lot located conveniently within close proximity to the café allowing for easy public access.

SPoT Park Place is expected to open in the spring of 2012 as the multi-condo urban development condo nears completion.
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Thanks for the news cassius! I hope there coffees not like 6 dollars for a small! I hope we get news of some kind of large retail in the area, particularly a supermarket chain.
I noticed the sign up for it on the lower floor window of Discovery II Building 'E' at the corner of Provost and Esther Shiner. Perhaps that's where it will be located when it opens.

I think when it's done, the cafe will look something like this:

I meant Building 'D', not 'E' as the Spot Coffee signs are posted on the glass in the retail area.
Good God, what's up with Concord ingnoring roof elements on all of their buildings? Well, perhaps Matrix has a finished roof, but it seems like every other one of their buildings just has a giant mechanical box on top.

I suppose a few of the towers at City Place have water-facing roof elements, but most of those have just the back end of the mechanical box facing the rest of the city.

The Discovery towers at Park Place are no different. White, aluminum siding to cover up the mechanical boxes? Good God, someone was paid to design that? The dichromatic glass aside (which is hideous and depressing), these towers bring nothing to the area except ugly height. Even the NY Tower complex has roof elements that, while they may be a little cheesy, at least have a presence! Same goes for the Shane Baghai towers near Bayview Village and the smaller, "Merci" buildings along Sheppard.

Why, God Why, could Concord have not put a little more effort into designing their towers? A giant, white (soon to be filthy) aluminum siding roof element is one of the ugliest things I've seen be built in the last decade.
Below is what Concord showed in the sales office originally ... I agree with you 4grand, its disappointing it is just an ulgy mechanical box on top now (the coloured panel at least would have added interest) ... unfortunately Concord, like many builders, overlook and fail to realize importance of the rooftop mechanical treatment

I'm liking the black.

[Taken 06/05/2011]


yeah when Concord first came to Toronto i was excited. But after that all i've heard about it was ugly/boring buildings, cheap materials, and crappy floorplans.

What's going on? Arn't they supposed to be a giant?
Those huge blank walls on the roofs as seen from the Canadian Tire parking lot really detract from the quality of the architecture. That's unfortunate because these buildings do in fact have some sophisticated touches.
Those huge blank walls on the roofs as seen from the Canadian Tire parking lot really detract from the quality of the architecture. That's unfortunate because these buildings do in fact have some sophisticated touches.

i agree, hopefully they apply some light fixtures on the roof like cityplace
The architects/Concord Adex should be ashamed of themselves for sticking those aluminium panel-siding, box roofs on top. Not only are the buildings absurdly two-toned and right-angled monoliths of exhausted boredom, the non-matching, unaesthetic pallid boxes on top make me want to rip my hair out as I drive up Leslie.

Look West to find NY Towers with nice roof lines, look East a few blocks to find Aria with superb roof concepts and look back West to find the Shane Baghai buildings with the same architectural accents.

What's with Concord Adex simply giving up on their roofs? What's with all the lazy, lame, lackluster and loathsome glass pieces of incommensurate, illegitimate idiocy?

Jesus Christ, how could anyone think that those demented matchboxes would ever stay relevant more than this era of "green-glass" enables itself to stretch on?
To be honest with you, it's definitely not the nicest looking buildings in Toronto but with that being said, it's also not the ugliest.

In addition, to move into this area along sheppard corridor, there were simply no other new condos that were that close to subway stations that were available at the price range offered by Concord. For the price that I paid, both Aria and Shane Baghai condos would've been way out of my price range and probably Merci by Daniels as well. My parents also bought a new unit at Clairtrell by Bayview Village and the price per square foot is definitely higher than what I paid for my place and consequently out of my price range. Therefore, as you can see there weren't too many options affordable options (new condos) if you really wanted to move into this area and I really did because it was so convenient for me, sacrifices would have to be made and to be honest, having an ugly roof is not really a deal breaker for me.

Also, consider that for the price that I paid for my place at Discovery 2, I got a good location that's close to 401/404, subway access, relatively close to 2 shopping outlets at Bayview Village and Fairview as well as 2 grocery stores (Loblaws at Bayview Village and Longos at York Mills and Leslie). Plus, if one day when the really ugly roof did cause me so much stress that I have a heart attack, good thing North York General is right next door. =)
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