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Nov 7 2010 update

seems like drum118 beat me to it ... but here it is anyways:

Bldgs 'A' + 'B'
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Bldg 'D' - windows @ 9th floor

Bldg 'E' - windows @ 10th floor

Swimming pool area with stained glass
Thanks Solaris, I appreciate both you and drum posting so many pics. Its making me excited at the prospect of moving there. Other than the bad brick colour of the townhomes, I'm not sure how I feel about the multicoloured stained glass enclosing the swimming pool. It might have been classier to do it all in one colour, like metallic blue or something. Also looking at the plans Concord gave me, I'm not sure what they are going to do with the area between building A and B right behind the swimming pool. I can't see whats going on there other than concrete. Hope they do something green with this area as well. I know the inside of the "L" will be the courtyard and drive.
The coloured glass was a misstep on the lap pool area-- it doesn't particularly bring anything special to street level, but it does clash with the other glazing and colours and take away from cohesiveness. Sigh. But there's still lots I like about this place.
Then they should have used glass that looks neutral from the outside but coloured from inside. It clashes terribly with the exterior.
It looks like an artistic accent to the exterior, but it's admittedly not that sophisticated, unless it's just the photo quality. (I haven't seen it in person.) It's hard for anything to clash with the neutral minimalist exterior architecture, save for PoMo colours like beige perhaps. Every building should have something like this. I was reminded right away of Champs-de-Mars metro station in Montreal.
Stained glass is more interesting to look at from the interior.

During the day. At night, it's the reverse - interesting from the outside, as long as the lights inside are sufficiently bright to cast a glow on the street. To the right (east) of the stained glass, the road dips under the GO tracks, so at night it could be a real neighbourhood landmark...provided IKEA's parking lot lights don't drown it out. The stained glass is infinitely better than the opaque glass and blue/grey/precast panels that invariably infest and deaden street-level amenities complexes. The neighbourhood precedent, of course, is the new St. Gabriel's church.
I like the coloured glass. Makes for an interesting focal point to a clean, crisp, but otherwise somewhat dull and rectangular base.
I know Tango is being built on the Canadian Tire warehouse lands but what was Discovery's land? I can't recall what was there before the construction.
I recall the site between the McDonalds and Ikea was always vacant
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Same here. I remember that site was used to store the tunnel walls for the Sheppard subway prior to construction as they were originally manufactured to be used in the axed-Eglinton Subway, though the latter part may just be speculation on may part..