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January 12 2011 update

Buildings 'A' + 'B'

What's with the ugly rooftop mechanical box?
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Buildings 'D' + 'E' - topping off, looks like the townhouse's yellow brick is being carried up on bldg 'D'

January 23 2011 update

Drive-By Shooting


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Wow!! Nice photos. Building E looks like it is going to be a monster! Does anybody know the total units in that building? By the way, I hear rumours swirling around about one year's worth of free TTC metro-passes given to all residents. Can anyone confirm this?
very nice does ellis don build every concord condo or just these ones?

The first four Concord Adex buildings on the south side of Front Street (the Matrix development) were built by Toddglen construction. I believe that since then, all Toronto Concord Adex buildings have been built either by PCL or Ellis Don.

Feb 23 visit. Dirt been removed along the 401 area next to IKEA with grading taking place. Some of the same shot locations with a number of new ones. If you don't like the video, photos should be up on my Flickr site in a day or 2 and part of the 352 I shot today.
Does anyone know the status of the connection between the complex and Leslie Subway station? I was told that eventually there would be an underground direct connection probably through the Canadian Tire headquarters but that would be a few years off. Any plans to build a new entrance? Thanks drum for the aweswome pics. I still don't understand why such a huge delay in occupancy. It looks pretty well done.
Great pics!! Asiancolossus, good question which probably not many know the answer to. Still hard to believe we are still a year away. This has to be one of the longest running development topics on the site. Just imagine, the whole discussion of these buildings started back in October 2006!
I love how in Canadian cities we are building large dense neighbourhoods out in the suburbs... it's so Dutch of us :)