Toronto Charlie Condos | 122.83m | 36s | Great Gulf | Diamond Schmitt

from today

This tower is extremely well-executed. The fit and finish is superb, unlike The Victory just a couple blocks west. Also, there's an interesting frit on the 'sliver' windows.
Charlie with FLY's crane in the foreground.

Charlie and the gang.

Charlie solo.

Charlies thin profile.
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Checked this one out this weekend. Charlie is pure quality, very well executed. One of my favorite downtown projects going up right now.
Just curious for those in the area, does anyone know what floor clears the Glas Condos mechanicals to the north. I keep looking at the photos and can't quite tell. It's somewhere between 16-19 floor I think but would like to know (wishful thinking that I clear it). Thanks.
Glas is 16 storeys.
Comparing the photos it looks like the 15th floor of Charlie is at the same level as the mechanical penthouse of Glas, so the 16th floor and up of Charlie should clear Glas to the north.

I also agree that Charlie is becoming a very handsome building.