Toronto Charlie Condos | 122.83m | 36s | Great Gulf | Diamond Schmitt


Looks like anything 13th floor and above will have a clear view over Glas. Thoughts?
8 Sept 2011--gonna start making an impact from this pov:

No pics but a lot of glass and black brick has been put up. There used to be more activity in this thread when there was a hole in the ground.
It's a rather boring mass of green glass. There must have been a sale of this stuff at "contractors are us". It's time to start thinking outside the box.
Dont know whats going on here..the address clearley states Charlie, but the city planning information just doesn't jive with the development.
Anyways, there will be something getting more density and taller down there.:)

Site Plan Approval 11 274651 STE 20 SA Ward 20
- Tor & E.York Sep 14, 2011 --- --- --- Nicholson, Dan
(416) 395-7110

AMENDMENT - for increased floor area and height (4 additional stories). Proposed 30-storey condominium building with 323 residential units; 5 levels of underground parking; commercial at grade. Please see previously filed rezoning application #04-115402 and related studies in that file.
Great update, urbandreamer!

I already love this project :) The proportions and materials are going to be perfect :)
Great observation Carter!

This must have happened once they cleared the adjacent Hudson building.

Zoom on Aug 12 2011


Zoom from today

Wow, it really is going up fast. Just curious Red Mars if you know what floor the last photo you took is up to? Thanks in advance.