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Toronto Bike Share

Update. Someone on a regular bike looked like me was gonna stop but he was just hoping to swap for an ebike which was of course out of service
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Downtown Toronto. 4 bikes all out of service. Surrounded by other empty stations. Just waiting here hoping someone returns a bikeView attachment 425772View attachment 425771
I was at College and Bay around the same time yesterday. Ended up taking the subway because no bikes were available. East side station had 7 bikes out of service.
Bikeshare, after peaking at something in/around 630 operational docks this actually down to 624.

I am not impressed.

This is the first year of a multi-year expansion plan; and assuming they technically deliver on that; they'll have the expansion in place in time for the snow, maybe.
The corner of Bay and King used to be a real problem a few years ago. They've fixed that, though I'm not sure whether it's due to better management or just fewer people working in the towers right now.
I really dont understand why they killed the functionality in the Transit App. It was the best thing, but idiotically got removed.

Was hoping they’d open up their dev API to include QR code unlock but instead they removed it altogether.

Honestly one of the most short sighted things they’ve done.