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St Lawrence Market

Thank you for those pictures.
I hope it looks as good as it does on the other side like sculpture garden. It would be a shame if it turned out to be like a pub patio. I also hope that take the ad down.

something like this would be kinda nice..
The add is for the company restoring the building. As with their work in Rosedale, I expect it will come down when the work is done.

I recall the plan is for a patio on the existing small parking lot. Looking forward to it - there is already plenty of public space in the vicinity.
I agree it would be nice if there was public space.

Whether or not it's public space, there's a lot they could do to make this corner look inviting. I would love to see bricks laid on the ground, and maybe a tree planted. Imagine if the corner could look like this:


(Northwest corner of the Esplanade and Berkeley St. Photo: © Luke Tyszkiewicz,
I moved into the neighbourhood last April. Thought I'd post a few images:

Progress on the restaurant going in at the south-east corner of King and Church. It will be great to have a patio to replace the parking lot at this intersection. (Shot yesterday)

I found this sketch of the potential for Colborne Street from a Toronto planning document. I added a picture of Colborne in its current state from Google Street View.

And finally, one of the little details that makes St. Lawrence arguably the most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood in Toronto. If only every developer could devote this much attention to detail. (Shot in October).

You can see my apartment in one of those shots.

Toronto Life mentioned the restaurant at King and Church will name a room for Andy Warhol. Seems he visited the building at some point.
Probably in November '75 when he was here to promote From A to B and Back Again, attend the AGO show of his work, meet local collectors ... and sit impassively on a couch autographing the bosoms of aspiring starlets at the little party we OCA students threw for him.
St. Lawrence arguably the most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood in Toronto

Agreed! Although I heard that there are waiting lists on the low rise condos in the area.....I'm assuming they're condos.
My neighbours didn't re-sign their lease and went month to month. They applied at 3 or 4 co-ops. in St. Lawrence Market for a two bedroom and were told the wait times are roughly 6 months - two years. About a month later they got a call for a three bedroom unit so they scooped it up. I stopped in to see them last summer and it's a two level, three bedroom town home which costs them less than a one bedroom apartment in the building I'm living in now. So if you are in a position to wait, co-ops. do come up.
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St.Lawrence Developments

I heard from a friend that the building at the SW corner of Church and Front is going to be demolished soon - does anybody know whether this is true and what the new development will be?

Also, there is a steel frame being erected at King and Parliament - is this the new Porsche dealership?
Haven't been by King & Parliament lately, but pretty sure you're referring to the SW corner in which case that will be the new location of the Porsche dealership. The NW corner will be The King East condos.

At the SW corner of Church & Front will be a 13-storey condo with 12,000 sf of retail...

I consider this a very important corner of St. Lawrence Market so it'll be interesting to see what retail ends up there.
Update on the SE corner of Church and King. They've repaved the parking lot with stone bricks. Looks nice, but I still think it needs some greenery and maybe a fence to block out the existing parking lot on the south end.