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St Lawrence Market

DSC, you mention it's a great mixed neighbourhood. Are you referring to demographics? How would you describe the demographics of the area?

From Jarvis to Parliament and Front to the railway there are lots of buildings, some are condos, some co-ops, some Toronto Community Housing, some are 8-12 floors, some are low-rise. The population in that area is very diverse as to income, age, colour, ethnicity, sexuality etc etc. On Front Street and to the north of it it is more condos but certainly not only.
I think that's one of the charms of St. Lawrence Market. It's completely mixed demographically and feels like a village within the city.
New Restaurants in St.Lawrence

Origin Restaurant at King/Church looks like it's coming along... the side patio doors have now been cut through the side wall of the building.

The O&B Cafe Grill notice is finally up on the hoarding at Yonge/Front. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to open Spring 2010.
King Edward Hotel

Does anybody know what's happening with the King Eddy? I've heard everything from the building being sold to an Isreali developer, to a portion of the property being converted to luxury condos, to the possibility of a W taking over the operations (another Starwood banner).
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St Lawrence?

Two words: Jersey Giant! My favourite pub in Toronto. Don't ask me why....cause I don't really just is.

I really like the neighbourhood as well. I'm moving to Toronto sometime in the spring because I'll be starting at Ryerson next year and I wanted to live close to school. This is an area I'd like to find something in but I figure it's tough to find rental accommodation in St Lawrence.
Not really. It's surprisingly affordable. We rented a 1000sqft loft, 13 ft ceilings, new finished for $1200/mo.
I don't believe that's the norm. In my building, which is approx 20 years old, units of about 600 sq ft go for about $1000-1200. This is about halfway between the Market and the Distillery.
Two words: Jersey Giant! My favourite pub in Toronto. Don't ask me why....cause I don't really just is.

Hey, that's one of the best reasons for a pub to be your favourite! Sometimes it just feels right.

Jersey Giant is a good pub. A couple of other great pubs in the area are Jason George and usually I'm not a fan of the Firkins, but the Flatiron & Firkin is an exception to the rule for me... don't ask me why. :)

I am currently in the market for a condo around St. Lawrence Market. Have a bit of a dilemma since I'm also considering east of Parliament which will require some patience in terms of development, but is very promising long term. Considering I like my cake and eating it too, it could be a tough decision to make. :)
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Oh, the Flatiron's a good one also! I love chillin on the patio there during patio season but the underground pub is a gem.

I wasn't really considering price when thinking of how hard it is to find rental accomodation in this 'hood. Not that I've looked particularly hard, but it just seems like there isn't much available in terms of vacancies.

Just how good is the Giant? I travel from rural north Pickering where I live to visit friends who live in Harbourfront just to go out to this place. That's how good.
Well, I'm very happy to say that in a couple of years I'll be living in St. Lawrence Market! Just yesterday I purchased a unit at Market Wharf!

Now the waiting begins...

But after spending lots of time there over the years and being charmed by the neighbourhood, I'm now able to spend my time there under a wonderful new light. :)
I moved into the neighbourhood last April. Thought I'd post a few images:

Progress on the restaurant going in at the south-east corner of King and Church. It will be great to have a patio to replace the parking lot at this intersection. (Shot yesterday)

I found this sketch of the potential for Colborne Street from a Toronto planning document. I added a picture of Colborne in its current state from Google Street View.

And finally, one of the little details that makes St. Lawrence arguably the most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood in Toronto. If only every developer could devote this much attention to detail. (Shot in October).
Everytime I walk by there, I think exactly the same thing!

Agree about the parking lot at King & Church. Maybe the restaurant will plan a patio. But it would also be nice if a portion of this corner remaining public space. Just not a parking lot.

Glad to hear you're enjoying your new neighbourhood.