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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Karla says, "My mother's family has Jewish bloodlines." "It was always kept hush-hush. We feared persecution."


We? In Canada since 1913?

P word = Politics. Big surprise.

Says he "tried drugs in High School".

Doug Ford's counter to allegations he was a drug wholesaler in high school. 'I tried drugs in high school.'

Ah yes, who didn't experiment with setting up a drug wholesaling operation when they were in a teen?
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Depends on what one means as worse.

In terms of quality, embarrasment, and general ineptitude - yes, Ford would be the worse mayor.

However much of this is because Tory will actually work better with council to push through his agenda - while not quite as blighted as Ford's - it is still right wing.

So generally, one could easily see that the overall situation would be worse under Tory than Ford - who is likely to accomplish much substantive.

So, the logic here is, "If the leader of the city is going to be someone with ideals I disagree with, I'd rather he be utterly incompetent and inept."

Can't say I share that POV but, hey, you can't dispute that, um, it's a point of view a human being might hold.

I felt too stupid to ask this very question. Do we assume ford nation is made of procrastinators?

Answered on previous page. In short, Ford Nation demographic are likely to have lower turnout so even if Doug and Tory were magically polling at the same number, Tory would likely win based solely on more of his people coming out, statistically speaking.
I have searched the usual suspects (CBC, CP24, CTV) and no dice!

It's less of a debate and more of a 'panel' thing, whatever that means.

Besides, what happens in Parkdale (touches nose a la John Steed in The Avengers)...
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