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News   May 24, 2024
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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Isn't that the crazy lady who keeps showing up for the Ford camp, spewing homophobic vitriol, being taken out by the police? What a circus....
Wow. What a shitshow. And Iola's right in the middle of it getting tossed. Absolutely classic Ford Abomination.

ETA: If I was there, I'd want to know where every folding chair was located.
It's an absolute circus at the auditorium. How about we just ban supporters from debates? Wearing a campaign button or clapping? Get tossed out.

They are suspending the debate until the fooferaw dies down.I missed something but they sent the candidates off stage. The police are involved


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Yikes. Doug is in the middle like Jesus and the lighting is incredibly hot where Doug is. The other two are almost in shadow in the long shots.
Agreed. Never underestimate the visuals.

The crowd seems more like an applauding Howard Stern/Football crowd.

Is that Iola Fortino in the crowd, and the cops escorted her out. Well then. Anything can happen in Wrasslemania 2014.

too weird. I'm packing the bugout bag now.

Ah come on, the match isn't over yet, we might see Randy tagging in! :p
I see Doug is just as much a lying sack of shit re: Crosstown as his brother. Of course, we already knew that.
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