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Rob Ford's Toronto

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OMG Doug, you are NOT Rob! This is going to drive me nuts if they just keep letting him do this.

I don't believe the majority of the crap Rob was spewing about his record, but Doug can't just piggyback on it either.
Agreed. The other two are the smart kids who prepared talking points. You can't play with 80s Doug who makes shit up while the crowd goes nutbags.

Seriously -- this is the issue. They should require audiences to be silent, because otherwise it becomes a "who can bus in the most supporters?" contest.
All I want is someone to tell Ford he is, in fact, one of the so called elitists. He comes off as cheap but he is filthy rich.
Nothing accomplished... job well done.

ivortossell 8:18pm via Twitter for iPhone
The incomprehensible mumbling, terrible acoustics, and endless unintelligible heckling has people trickling for the exits.
Ann Hui @annhui
Ford says he believes in "equal rights for everyone," but avoids saying whether he'll go to Pride Parade or not.

At least Tory called him out on it...

Ivor Tossell @ivortossell
Okay, this is solid stuff. Tory has goaded Doug into ranting incoherence.

Doug is cornered!

Jonathan Goldsbie @goldsbie
Doug now compares discrimination against gay people to discrimination against Scarborough residents in denying them subways.
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We also have no unemployment and no one ever gets sick...

reporterdonpeat 8:20pm via Twitter Web Client
Doug Ford says Toronto had the lowest tax increase "in the entire world".
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