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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Elizabeth Church ‏@lizchurchto 50s
Doug Ford holds campaign scrum in city hall against election rules.Calls me most biased reporter in the city for asking about it. #topoli
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So any speculation as to why Ford is cancelling the debates and letting Douggie hold a presser while his opponents make major policy announcements? Is this a strategy? Or is he just making it up as he goes?

Well, the debates are probably being cancelled because they received the questions in advance and realized that Ford can't just answer "subways" to every question. The showing up for a pointless noon presser is just to make sure they get equal press time, even though they have nothing to announce.

It is strategy, and a good one - look for "balanced" coverage tonight on the news.
Scrawk...Nobody does more than Rob Ford
Scrawk...underground transit
Scrawk...the economy
Scrawk...underground Eglinton...Scarborough second class
Scrawk...Finch and Sheppard underground
Scrawk...knocking on doors
Scrawk...biased media
Scrawk...6 debates
Scrawk...Nobody does more for Scarborough
Scrawk...Nobody does more for TCHC
Scrawk...Nobody in Canada does more than Rob Ford (verbatim IIRC)
Scrawk...on the edge of libel again with the diatribe against Tory

With this scrum I got the feeling D Ford is hanging all his hopes of reelection on the 360,485 electors in Scarborugh and the 50,000 TCHC electors in the rest of Toronto having an unprecedented turnout plus whatever else is FN...pretty meager strategy don't you think
I was under the impression that going to a debate meant that a candidate could meet residents, so what is Doug blathering about?
New Poll

I'm going to really miss Daniel's sense of humour:

Daniel DaleVerified account
Now: scheduled Doug Ford campaign news conference at city hall, though campaigns aren't allowed to schedule news conferences for city hall.

CTV will unveil the results of a new Nanos poll in the Toronto mayoral race at 6pm. Should be interesting. Might give us some insight into whether last week's Forum Poll was a blip or whether it reflects a trend towards Ford. My guess is Doug was hammering Tory b/c the numbers suggest he's still out in front by a fair margin.
Jennifer Pagliaro ‏@jpags 4m
Ran into Cllr Doug Ford in the hallway: "Oh my favourite person!" Asked why Rob not doing debate tonight. Said they are canvassing "24/7."

but, but, in the scrum DoFo said the mayor was the only one with a job and that's why he couldn't go to the debate.
I wonder if Rob will be dropping out of more debates now, even televised ones.

I've a feeling we'll see him drop out of any where he doesn't have enough of a crowd living in the area that he can bring in, and any that aren't going to be televised. If there's one in an area where he's hoping to get votes, he'll turn up, and if it's on tv, he'll turn up, otherwise he'll be in the basement doing "canvassing."
Overheard outside a courthouse just now: "my sisters are both voting for Rob Ford because they think he's cute".

Sigh. And ew.
Andray A. Domise ‏@AndrayDomiseTO 14m
Guys. I'm on the phone with a fmr Michael Ford volunteer who quit after 5 days. Accdg to the caller, he's too "lazy" for her tastes
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