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Rob Ford's Toronto

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I wonder if any of the candidates will work the line ups at TIFF? Except for the Lightbox, most locations have people lining up outside for about an hour. I would think that RoFo will not...too many latte drinkers in those line-ups.
I don't mind that. Doug is actually more prone to saying dumb shit than Robbie. His comments about kids with autism actually shook a few hardcore Ford Nationals loose. Even Ford Nation doesn't like Doug. He's a complete liability so I say let him speak.

Olivia Chow held a press conference and reporters are there, but I don't see anyone commenting about what Doug is saying.

Rob is MIA, so he must have really partied hard.
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Just a thought:

It seems that most of Ford's support comes from people who buy into the myth that he has saved the city and taxpayers a lot of money. While it is easy to point out all his personal problems, and there are LOTS of them, to these people they are just a strawman to distract from the fact that he is fiscally responsible. In many ways, you have to give them credit for keeping focused on what matters.

That said, we really need to drive home his fiscal record. Even I have trouble identifying the places where he has wasted tax dollars due to his incompetence. The three places I can best think of are:

1. Attempting to cancel Transit City
2. The Scarborough subway extension
3. Using city resources to coach football

Surely to goodness there are more places where money has been wasted, right? Even the last one, Ford can brush it off as being a drop in the bucket. In many ways, it feels as if that his personal problems ARE a strawman which has distracted those against him from his professional record.

Shucks, why go to the trouble of bringing up contentious issues with won't convince them that cancelling Transit City was a bad thing...there has already been enough said about the R-D extension...and the football thing goes right to their wheelhouse
Use facts...use Pennachetti's calculations
R Ford says most people have it better...Is that so...Let us take a look at where some of his 750M savings come from...I'll leave it to you to decide what affects the populus
TTC Conventional service 74,288K all the while increasing fares three of the past four years
Toronto Public Library 11,244K and it took four years to open two new libraries
Toronto Police Service 32,579K
Shelter, Support and Housing 18,410K
Chidren's Services 13,731K
Employment and Social Services 12,942K
Parks, Forestry and Recreation 11,724k while at the same time increasing user fees yearly
Transpotation Services 15,661K
You can bring up TCHC capital repair backlog 612M at the beginning now 872M
So any speculation as to why Ford is cancelling the debates and letting Douggie hold a presser while his opponents make major policy announcements? Is this a strategy? Or is he just making it up as he goes?
I'm going to really miss Daniel's sense of humour:

Daniel DaleVerified account
Now: scheduled Doug Ford campaign news conference at city hall, though campaigns aren't allowed to schedule news conferences for city hall.
Yeah, watching Thug on CP24 conducting a campaign event outside the mayor's office and, luckily, first Q from a reporter is whether he's having a campaign event at City Hall.

And he's all, "You can call it what you want...the mayor has been down here for 14 years fighting for subways," because he is an idiot. (Mostly it's about how Duguid loves surface rail and where was he during the Scarborough fight blah blah blah...He's really mastered Rob's ability to pivot 180 degrees away from the question, and then off up into space...)

Second Q (paraphrased): You just said the other candidates are nowhere to be found. where the hell is your brother?
A: He's doing his job! People want transit! And low taxes! And transit!

Gosh, what a maroon.

EDIT TO ADD: He just said the mayor is pulling out of debates because, unlike Tory and Chow who are unemployed, he has a job.
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So any speculation as to why Ford is cancelling the debates and letting Douggie hold a presser while his opponents make major policy announcements? Is this a strategy? Or is he just making it up as he goes?
Skipping debates is an interesting strategy. If he's not there everyone pays a lot less attention. It confirms that he's the one that matters, that he's the king.
I think it was Anna Hui who, again, asked why he is holding a campaign event at City Hall and he is just going off about how the Globe and other media are biased and people see through it. When will they learn and just ignore him?!

Apparently he actually waited, made all the reporters wait to start until CP24 was ready to go live so, once again, dictating the terms. Sigh.

EDIT: Apologies - it was Elizabeth Church, not Anna Hui.
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Ben Spurr @BenSpurr
Doug Ford suggests mayoral debates are part of a plot to prevent Rob Ford from going out and meeting residents.

Wow, first Kathleen Wynne is behind Ford's firing as coach and now THIS?!? The woman cannot be stopped!
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