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Rob Ford's Toronto

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except that, while experts and italian police say we have a huge mafia issue, york police seems to rarely acknowledge it, let alone wanna fix it.


Mississauga mob killer has parole yanked
Jimmy DeMaria accused of consorting with underworld figures, returned to custody

so maybe we can be kinda hopeful after all.

damn... maybe not (hopeful) ...

According to authorities in a 2010 report DeMaria is one of the leading GTA bosses of the Calabrian mafia also known as the Ndrangheta. He has been on parole for the past quarter century after a 1982 murder conviction over an alleged drug debt.

Recently he was also considered to be a GTA enemy of the Rizzuto crime family and now diceased Montreal mafia boss Vito Rizzuto. He was arrested in similar parole violations back in 2009 when he was caught associating with known members of the Ndrangheta. With the recent Montreal mafia war dragging on and seemingly finding its way to GTA mob territory it may end up being what keeps him safe.

Mob sources say it is possible that he may been a part of a hit list
as members of what remains of the Sicilian based Rizzuto family strike back after the failed take over by a possible Ndrangheta backed faction.
i thought it "sounded" like him too... or at least one of the fords.

eta: mammoliti was missing at work today, yes? maybe this is what he was working on all day instead. :)

He probably figures that since they docked him three months pay, he's just going to take a three month vacation.
i thought it "sounded" like him too... or at least one of the fords.

eta: mammoliti was missing at work today, yes? maybe this is what he was working on all day instead. :)

I'm counting on Mamms being missing from work a lot in the future, now that they've docked his councillor's pay.
Rather think the most telling part of the Ford psyche, the part that explains almost everything, is the claim of being "an elite group of individuals."
Stintz was spotted going into the mayor’s office Thursday. Ford initiated the meeting, according to a source.

“We had a discussion. The matter has been settled,†Stintz said.

“We came to a resolution and we both agree that the matter is closed and that is really all I wish to say about it.â€

Ford’s spokesman Amin Massoudi confirmed the two met but wouldn’t discuss the topic of the meeting.

“I can confirm that they met this morning in the mayor’s office for around 15 minutes,†Massoudi said.
That rant looks like an amateur ghostwriter's attempt to write like Doug. Maybe McRobb and him did chat about a speech after all.
also in

The two election rivals will be facing off publicly next week along with John Tory, Olivia Chow and David Soknacki for the first mayoral debate since Ford returned from rehab.

All five candidates will be at Global Kingdom Ministries in Scarborough on Tuesday night starting at 6:30 p.m. for a debate hosted by the Canadian Tamil Congress

worth noting / i hope this affects the questions...

Global Kingdom Ministries is located immediately across from one of the poorest and most violent subsidized housing high-rise complexes, cruelly named "Tuxedo Court". The new church is just south of the busiest highway in Canada (the 401), with a McDonald's on one side and low-rise industrials buildings on the other.
This was hinted at by another person here, but I want to highlight it.

LeeAnne McRobb's car-swapping story makes a whole lot more sense if it turns out Rob was the unidentified GreeneStone patient who borrowed her truck in the first place and wrecked it.

From there he would pull out all his tawdry Toronto connections and—falling back on his ingrained councillor habits—do everything in his power to make things right, especially if he and LeeAnne had managed to keep the whole thing their little secret for GreeneStone staff . . . and then the supposed friendship just unspooled from there.

Sure, getting Lisi involved was a win for him, but could it be that Rob the player got played even a little by his country pumpkin?

De-lurking to ask if I am the only one who remembers a posting put up on (I think) Reddit in the early days of Ford's vacation at Greenstone. The poster stated that the OPP was called to Greenstone because Ford tried to leave the property and drove a vehicle in to a fence. It was posted late at night and when I went back to check the thread in the morning, it was gone. Was I dreaming? I probably shouldn't follow this story before going to sleep. Does anyone else remember that posting?
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